Monday, March 31, 2014

Exchanges and Moving and Transfers, oh my!


So, first off, we had exchanges Monday night/Tuesday day.  While Sis Rob stayed up here in Emmett, I went down to Nampa and was with Sister Clark!  How awesome is that?!  I love Sister Clark!  We had a lot of fun.  They're over a YSA ward down there, and since it was Spring Break, we went around, trying to contact some of the less actives.  We had no luck, but it was still sorta fun, driving around and trying to find them.  We also taught a couple of lessons.

And while we were driving around, we get a text from Sis Rob and Nick (Clark's companion): "We're moving out tomorrow."

Apparently, Elder.... oh, I'm going to slaughter the last name.... Scholegel, the housing coordinator for our mission, called Tuesday and was like, "Can you move out today?!"  And Sis Robinson was like "Uh..... we're on exchanges right now...."

So, we moved the next day.

We had both sets of Elders come over to help pack up, clean up, and move out.  We started at 10 and were finished by 12:30.  It was crazy!  (Have you noticed that that's the word of the week yet?)  Anyways, we moved out of Bro. Standers apartment and we're now living with a member named Gale Puente.  She's super nice!  Her husband lives in a local assisted living place, and she's been really lonely.  It will be good for both us and for her.  Like I said last week, she's a returned missionary herself, having served in Bolivia back in the 70's I think.  Anyways, super sweet.

And then we had transfer calls Saturday!  Saturday was actually a lot of fun.  In the morning, we went up to go visit Sis. Clegg and Johnston and went to Zumba with them.  (yes, they go to Zumba every Saturday.  With Horseshoe Bend being such a small community, they've been able to use that class to get investigators. It's sorta cool actually.)  It was tons of fun!  Anyways, the call came while we were there, so we went off and listened to the voice mail.

Both Sis. Johnston and I are staying in this area, and both Sis Clegg and Sis Robinson are leaving for Nampa!

I was sorta sad to see Sis Robinson leave this morning, but that's okay-- I have a totally awesome new companion.  Her name is Sister Anderson, and she's from South Carolina.  She came out with Sis Rob too-- she's been out for 6 months now.  And it's totally crazy!  So, Jessica Bird, from the 7th ward, one of my old YW leaders, is Sis Anderson's cousin!  How awesome is that?!  It's totally awesome and crazy that we both know her!  Like, seriously, awesome.

... I'm actually sorta sad I'm not training.  But, you know, whatever.  Kind of glad too.

Anyways, I'll send some pictures soon.  Hope you all are doing well!


Sis. Empey

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