Monday, October 27, 2014

October 27, 2014 - I (seriously) met a Jedi Knight

So, this week.

I really don't even know where to begin.

So I guess I'll just start at the beginning. :)

On Monday, we went to Linder Farms as a Zone, a place sort of like Thanksgiving Point, but smaller.  It was fun.  We were running around in the corn maze and played with the animals in the petting zoo and just relaxed and had a good ole' time being crazy kids. :)  It was great.

Tuesday.  On Tuesday we saw the Whiteheads, the first time we have seen them in 5 weeks!  We talked a lot about commandments, and why we need to follow them.  The whole family was interested, and they all showed up for church on Sunday!  WOOT!  So happy they came.  We're hoping that we can keep visiting them.  All the kids are great. :)

So on Wednesday, I had a feeling that we needed to tract out a certain neighborhood, and Sister Stevens agreed with me.  So we did and met this lady named Kim.  As we started talking to her, she had told us before how she had been taking the lessons up in John Day, OR!  We were sitting there like "what?!"  And then she told us about how one of the Elders had offended her, so she excused them out of her home and they had never been back.  We of course apologized for what had happened, and she said that it was fine, but wasn't 'interested in letting more missionaries in, and talked a little more.  Well, I don't remember how we got to the subject of hair, but it did.  And I offered to cut her hair for her.  AND SHE SAID YES.  This lady, who 5 minutes before wasn't willing to let any more missionaries in her home, agreed to let us come in so that I could cut her hair!  To make a long story short, what normally probably would have been a 2 minute discussion ended up being a 30 minute porch discussion.  It was awesome. :)

BUT IT GETS BETTER.  So, we went over on Friday so that I can cut her hair.  (That's right, she didn't cancel.  We actually got inside the house!)  And while we're there talking, she offered to feed us dinner.  DINNER.  And we're like "uh.... we're booked, but we'll get back to you when we have a free spot."  I am so happy!  And she wants us to keep visiting her!  So, before we left (what had started out as a half-hour haircut turned into an hour-and-a-half discussion :) ), we left her with a scripture in Isaiah 63:9, where it talks about how the Atonement was done out of love, and there was a very powerful spirit in the room as we discussed that verse.  I am really excited to be able to go back there and visit more with her.  She's a super sweet lady. :)

We also taught Karisma Wood on Wednesday night.  The lesson went really well.  I like Karisma because she'll ask questions when she doesn't get it, like she did when we taught the Kingdoms of Glory.  She wants to make sure she understands what she's learning, and it's great.  And she showed up for Sacrament meeting too this Sunday!  We're thinking that we actually might make the date of November 22 for her baptism.  We're super excited for her. :)

We also went to the Pitts home for a lesson on Tithing and Fasting on Friday.  David is the sweetest 7-year old EVER.  Like, seriously.  So stinking cute!  Before we got to teach our lesson, he had to ask us some questions first, like if Lehi was a prophet and if Joseph Smith went to church.  And he loves reading the Book of Mormon.  :)  The rest of the lesson went well too, and we willingly agreed to live the law of tithing and fasting.  Then on Sunday they came to church!  So many church goers! :D  So we sat with them during Sacrament Meeting.  Apparently David really likes Primary. :)  Which of course makes us happy. :)  They're going to feed us tonight-- "payment" for me giving both of them haircuts-- and we're super excited.  BRING ON THE GRILLED CHEESES AND POTATO SOUP!!!  (yes, that is what we requested for dinner.  What can I say?  We're kids at heart.)

Saturday was BUSY.  We started out by helping clean the church, then we went to 3rd Wards Super Saturday, which was fun.  We made little necklaces and talked to the ladies making tortillas.  And then guess who showed up for Lunch?!  Suzanne and Shanna Pfieffer!!!  (Suzanne is Susan, by the way.)  So they stayed around and ate lunch, got to know a couple of the Sisters in the ward, and we set up an appointment so that I could cut Shanna's hair later. (Yup.  Hair skills.   They get you into doors.  Who knew?)  So, we went over later that day, cut Shanna's hair, and talked about the Book of Mormon a little bit.  it went well. :)  But sadly, they weren't at Sacrament meeting yesterday. :(  Oh well, maybe next week. 

In between the two visits with the Pfieffers, we went over to the Taylors home and shared the Prophet of the Restoration movie with them.  Chris really enjoyed it, and was glad to know more about Joseph Smiths life.  We then directed the conversation to how it relates to us.  We talked about how we are like Joseph Smith; How we each have a divine purpose and potential, and that as we follow the Lord, we can be clear about the path we need to take, no matter what happens to us.  It was an amazing lesson.

So, after all of that, we went to dinner with the Neals, an awesome missionary family.  We had fun teaching them how faith is like bubbles and sunglasses.  Don't ask me to repeat the lesson though.  It was so awesome that it cannot be repeated.

.... actually, I just can't remember it.


At the end of the night, we had a Halloween carnival for 10th ward.  And guess who came to the carnival?  CHRIS TAYLOR!!!!  In all of his Jedi Knight glory!!!!! (Seriously though, he is like, the most legit-looking Jedi I have ever seen in my life.  It was awesome.)  He didn't stay the whole time, probably around 45 minutes or so.  We were just super happy that he actually came.  This was a huge step for him, so we're excited. :)  (Also, for those who were wondering, there was a little haunted walkway.  I'm pretty sure Sister Stevens and I squealed more than the primary kids.)

And to round out the week, we had a lesson with the Martin Girls on Sunday.  We talked about service and how they could serve others.  It was nice. :)  Their dad had the day off yesterday, so he was able to come to church.  he was talking about it and was like "Yeah, Sundays like today makes me want to go to my manager and tell him that I'm no longer working Sundays and tough darts if he doesn't like it.  Just to ruffle his feathers.  At least."  It was a good lesson though.

... oh.  Did I forget to mention that we had transfer calls this Saturday?  Well, in case you were wondering, I am staying another transfer in Kuna with Sister Stevens!  I'm so happy that I get another six weeks with her. :)  It's going to be awesome. :)

Well, that's it for this week!  Have a Happy Halloween for those of you that get to celebrate it!  I love y'all!  Keep the faith!


Sister Empey

Monday, October 20, 2014

October 20, 2014 - Miracles do happen!

I went Spanish-speaking for a day. :)

We went on exchanges on Monday/Tuesday, so Sister Stevens stayed in Kuna while I went to Nampa with one of the Spanish-speaking Sisters.  It was kind of fun, minus that whole I-have-no-idea-what-y'all-are-saying part of it. :)  But for a part of my time in Nampa, we went and helped with a English class, which was lots of fun.  It's amazing to see how some of these people have caught on to speaking English.  All in all, Tuesday was kind of fun. :)  it was almost relaxing, not really having to teach because I don't know the language.  But it's also really neat because I could still feel the Spirit while Sister Cole was teaching the people we visited.  I love how universal the Gospel is.  It's a real blessing how the Gospel can reach anyone and everyone.

On Wednesday, Sister Stevens and I prepared the training for District Meeting!  It was sort of weird, and a little scary, but it ended up being a really good experience.  We did the training on making commitments and following up with them, and we both learned a lot from it, so we're trying to follow up better on the commitments we leave for people.

And we had a miracle happen on Thursday!!!!!!!!!!!  So, there's the Cox family, where the husband is not a member, and has been known to display some anti-like behavior towards the church.  Well, the other day, we felt prompted to go to their house and just ask for some water, and not only did Tim (the husband) get us water, but he invited us inside their home!  and we were able to share a message with Sister Cox with him in the room!  We were so excited!

So, on Saturday, we were supposed to meet with the Pfieffers, but Suzanne ended up cancelling because her fibromyalgia flared up, and she said that she would bring Shanna to church, but that she probably wouldn't come.

Well, guess who was a church?  Both Shanna and Suzanne!  We are so happy that they both came, and Shanna made it through church without complaining this week!

Anyways, that's all I can think of right now.  Transfer calls are this week, so pray that I get to stay in Kuna!

Love y'all!


Sister Empey

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

October 13, 2014 - SUCCESS!!!!

WOW.  This week has been AWESOME!!!

So, to start off the week, we met with Kristy Boswell again!  She hasn't read the Book of Mormon, but we got to know her background a little better.  It turns out that her father is a completely inactive member of the church, but her grandma is really active.  Her mom is Catholic though.  So she's grown up around religion all her life.  We also talked about hell, and about the Kingdoms of Glory, which the Elders taught, but she was having a hard time understanding.  I think we helped clear that up a bit.  I hope so.

We then went to do service for the Blanchards, a less active family.  After that, we were riding back through the neighborhood, and Sister Stevens bike slid out from underneath her!  The poor girl had a goose egg on her foot, and it was super swollen.  But thankfully, that was the only injury she got.  It was kind of funny to watch all the Elders that night give her advice about her foot though at the "Meet the Mormons" program.  She was all like, "I'm not a football player!  I'm just a Sister!  I'm not sticking my foot in a bucket of ice!"

The Pitts are still doing great.  Still on track to get baptized come January when David turns 8.

And we were able to have a lesson with Karisma Woods Wednesday night.  We taught her the first lesson, and we committed her to a baptismal date!  We're aiming for November 22, and as long as she comes to church.  But she didn't come this Sunday. :(

We also talked about Joseph Smith a little more with Jacob and Evan Stinchcomb on Thursday.  The Spirit was actually really strong, and again, both boys were very involved.  Sadly, their mom won't let them come to church, but they still want us to come over.  I just applaud the dad for even being willing to ask his wife if they could go! :)  And who knows, maybe one day she will let them. :)  Until then, we're excited to teach them about the Plan of Salvation next Thursday.

We also taught some Jehovah Witnesses. :P  It was a great experience actually.  They were tracting out the neighborhood we live in, so we answered the door when they got to us.  They talked about the Kingdom of God, and after respectfully listening to their beliefs and taking their Watchtower, we asked if we could give them one of our pamphlets about the Kingdom of God, and Denise, the wife of the due, agreed!  So, we gave them a Plan of Salvation pamphlet, talked about how neat it will be to return to Heavenly Father again, and let them go for the day.  It was pretty awesome. :)

We also finally met this family named the Pfiffers on Saturday!  They're potential investigators.  Susan Pfiffer adopted Shanna about 6 years ago, who is a sweet but challenged 14-year old.  You can see that both of them are lacking happiness, and are searching for more, and I know that the Gospel can bring it to them. :)

And what's more?!  The Pfiffers came to church yesterday!  EEK!!!  That's so awesome!  Susan felt a little bad for being the only woman wearing pants, but we reassured her that it was okay-- what mattered was that she was at church, and that she would be spiritually fed.  Sister Stevens and I switched off with each other-- I went to Sunday school with Shanna (who was really bored, but made it through :) ), and then I went to Relief Society with Susan.  It was a really neat and unique experience as I sat in Relief Society and explained to Susan about all of the different things we were talking about.  And it seemed like, in the end, both of them had a good experience. :)  I can't wait to see them next Saturday!

Well, that's all for now folks! :D  I love you, and keep your faith strong!


Sister Empey

Monday, October 6, 2014

October 6, 2014 - Missionary Blockbuster!

OH, I love conference weekend!

But first, the rest of the week.  :)

We had dinner with the Renyolds again this week.  Nothing too exciting to report.  They released their raccoon.  Sister Renyolds was sick, and we didn't get our dutch oven dinner because it was raining.  But we got chicken roll-ups, and they were pretty good. :)  They also made a peach cobbler in the oven which was good too. :)

We also met the Dosher family this week, and talked to Amanda.  The Elders had been teaching them a little bit, so we've been trying to meet them.  They're Catholic, went through the lessons and everything to join the Catholic church.  So, apparently, Amanda has been reading the Book of Mormon, and she's just hung up on little things like steel not being created and horses not existing and stuff like that.  And I'm just like "really?!  REALLY?!"  And it's not bad-- it will help us only gain a stronger testimony about the Book of Morrnon.  But it's the fact that she doesn't pray to know the truth.  And she's really smart, so it makes us look stupid.  But whatever.  It'll be interesting to see how our next conversation goes.  So we encouraged her to pray before she read the Book of Mormon, and we would check up in a couple of weeks.

On Tuesday, we got to watch the new "Meet the Mormons" movie!  YOU GUYS IT'S SO GOOD!!!!!  When it comes out, you should really see it.  More than anything it will strengthen your testimony of Christ and his Gospel.  I loved it. :)  And it will be nice to be able to talk about it with other people instead of being like ".... what is that?"  Yup.  I loved it.  It was great.

Other than that, the middle of the week was pretty slow.  We didn't get into a lot of homes this week.

So, onto Conference!  

We were able to watch the Saturday Afternoon session with the Taylors, and it was really good.  We also ate lunch with them, and just got to be friends with them.  I really love the Taylors, they're so awesome! :)

We also got to watch the Saturday morning session with the Pitts.  I love them!  David is the cutest 7-year old I have ever met! :)

We also taught the Martins and the Higleys this week.  Both lessons went well.

And... that's it.  Sorry that it's short this week.  I can't think of what to write.  Please forgive me!  I love you all!  Stay strong in your faith!

Sister Empey