Thursday, April 10, 2014

Time?! What's that?!

Seriously, even WITH General Conference, it feels like there's no such thing as "time" anymore.  I suppose it's a good thing though-- it means that I'm doing the Lords work!

Um... where to start.....

Heather and Josh Hall are going to be baptized this week!  I'm so excited for them!  It's so neat to see them progress the way that they have.  I'm so happy and excited for them!

And seriously... that's really it.  It's just been visit after visit after visit.  We have like, an extra 5-6 hours to go visit people now that I'm finally out of my first 12 weeks (how crazy is that?!  I've already been here for 12 weeks!  No extra hour of study every day!  YUS!!!).  So... yeah.  This week, more than anything, has just been introducing my new companion to the area and the people we usually see.  And we've been contacting a lot of former investigators, in an attempt to fill in some time.  (And can I say how awkward that is? "HI!  You know who we are, and what we want, so if you could call us when you're interested again, that would be fantastic, mmmkay? Bye~!"..... yup.  Life as a missionary.  The most spiritually awkward but awesome time of your life.  Gotta love it.)


General Conference!!

How could I FORGET?!?!

(Can you tell it's been one of those scatterbrained weeks?)

Wasn't Elder Holland's talk a freaking awesome way to start out Conference?!  Oh my goodness!  Talk about AWESOME and just exactly what I needed!  A good dose of tough love!  LOVED IT!  And the rest of Conference was good too-- we just house hopped for each of the sessions.  It was sort of weird to go to people's homes to watch conference and be wearing skirts and all while the rest of the family is still chilling in their pjs.  But it was still fun.  And all four sessions were just amazing!  I learned so much from all four sessions!  And you know, there is such a different spirit to be able to watch Conference while it is airing, rather than trying to catch up with it later.  It's really incredible, what that small difference can make, watching it while it's airing rather than watching it later so that you could do other stuff now.  I hope I can always have a job flexible enough that I can watch Conference when it's showing.

Anyways, that's seriously it for this week.  Love you all!


Sister Empey

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