Monday, March 24, 2014

Baptism! And moving! GASP!

Seriously, what else can I say?  It seems like this has been the most normal week thus far.  I suppose that I'm just getting more used to the routine of missionary life, yeah?

So...... obviously, the biggest news is that Destinee was baptized Saturday!

.... yeah.  We're pretty happy. :D

It was a really nice service.  Her dad said a really neat prayer about how we were all there that day because of Destinee's agency.  And then the person who was supposed to give the talk on baptism wasn't there, so guess who got volunteered to do it?  Yup.  Me.  It wasn't too bad, really.  I feel like I could have done better, but, you know, there's always room for improvement, right?

Anyways, it was really nice, and she was pretty happy.  We're both excited and happy that she went through with the decision.  And her whole family was there for the baptism and for her confirmation the next day!  I really hope we can get the whole family active.  There's no doubt that the parents have a testimony.  They obviously do.  We're really hoping that we can help the whole family now, especially with Destinee being a new member who is very active already with Church and in Young Womens.



WE HAVE A BAPTISM DATE FOR MARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   So happy!   She's going to be baptized May 10th!  I'm so excited for her!  So excited!  Words cannot express my joy in the fact that we finally have a date for her to work towards!  And she's happy about it too.  She is planning to quit smoking, and we'll just review some of the lessons with her until that date.  Needless to say, this is kind of a big deal.

Also, we'll be moving soon.

Yup, it's official-- Brother Stander, who owns our apartment, called Brother West, who in turn called us to let us know that we have to be out within 60 days.

CRAZY, RIGHT?!?!?!  We've tried to call Brother Stander for a few weeks to try to figure out what's going on, but his phone was disconnected.  And then apparently, he's shown up in town within the last couple of weeks, and now we have to move.  

So, after transfers, the housing department will move us somewhere new.  We think that we'll be moving into a member's home.  Her name is Gale Puente.  She's really nice, and apparently the housing coordinator has already been to her home to check it out!  About a month ago, we felt like we needed to go see her, and while we were there, we mentioned that we were probably going to need to move.  And holy cow, was she all over it.  She was like "Could you live with me?  I have 2 spare rooms!"  She loves the missionaries-- she served a mission in... Bolivia I think.  Anyways, we told her that we would give her information to the housing coordinator, and the day after we told him that we had to move out, he went over to see her house.  Well, the day after he stopped by, I felt really strongly impressed to stop by her house, and oh my goodness, she was so excited!  She was just all bubbly and was like "Look!  I already cleared out the two bedrooms for you and a cupboard and here's where you'll do your laundry and I'm planning to move the tv into my room and..." It was really cute and sweet. :)  And so after she gave us (another) tour of the house, we helped her dig up some of her tulips and trees so that Brother Carroll could spray her yard for weeds.  (She didn't and her plants to die from the chemicals)  So!  We helped her dig them up, in our skirts.  Yeah, totally went Duggar girl and did yard work in my skirt.  Hope you're proud.   It was pretty fun.

So, long story short, we'll probably be moving in with Sister Puente.

And because a good handful of you are asking, next week I'll take pictures of the apartment this next week.  Especially since we won't be in it for much longer.

(Speaking of the apartment, for the last three nights there's been this one lone chicken sleeping on the steps up to our apartment.  And it keeps pooping on our stairs.  It sucks.  But is kind of funny at the same time.)

And... yeah.  We'll get transfer calls at the end of this week.  I'm getting excited and nervous!  Everyone keeps asking me if I'm ready to train, including the Zone Leaders. YIKES!  (It's never a good sign when it's the Zone Leaders asking you a question like that.)  Sister Robinson is like "yeah, you're totally ready", while I'm like "DON'T LEAVE ME!!!!!!"  ... and yeah.  So, you'll get to hear what's going on next week.  Exciting, yeah? (sarcasm is to be implied with the last sentence.  I know, I know, it'll go over fine, but still... it's the unknown.)

Anyways, love y'all, and hope you're all doing well!  I just love Emmett!  It's so nice!  Yeah, I could totally spend my entire mission here, no problem.  Heck, I could even move back here and totally be fine with living here!  But that's besides the point.  The point is that I love it here, and I love the people here.  They are truly wonderful people.

Stay strong!


Sister Empey

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