Monday, December 1, 2014

December 1, 2014 - THANKSGIVING MIRACLES!!!!!

So, in case you didn't know.... counting your blessings really does bring Miracles into your life. :)  And this week was full of blessings and miracles!  Lemme tell ya:

So, the church came out with a new video, "He is the Gift", yeah? :)  First off, go watch it...

He is the Gift

Amazing video, right?  I can't help but cry when I watch it!  SO BEAUTIFUL!!!  Now, go share it with someone, and then come back to reading this. :)

On Tuesday, we were on exchanges, and I was here in Kuna with Sister Arbarca (super awesome missionary).  As part of our day, we went to go help out Sister Ritter take some stuff out to her storage shed, and, as it always goes when we go help her, we got a little distracted.  This time it was going over to visit her neighbor, Carol Bader.  She's this really nice, older lady who is recovering from surgery.  Well, we shared the "He is the Gift" video with her, and she was really impressed!  She wanted to watch more Bible videos!  So, we watched a couple more, and then she started talking about how she had heard somewhere that there was a record about Jesus Christ coming to the Americas!  And, of course, we were all like, "Why yes, yes there is.  May we interest you in a Book of Mormon?"  (except we sounded a lot more professional), and she said yes!!!  Ooh!  EXCITING!!!!! :D  so we ordered her a large-print Book of Mormon that afternoon.

Wednesday, we went and saw Karisma, and taught her about going to church, praying, and reading her scriptures.  We were then able to set a baptism date for January 10!  YAY!  And then the Woods invited us over for dinner, and we politely accepted.

So, Thanksgiving day.

We started with visiting the Ritters (again), and helping them prepare their Thanksgiving dinner.  It was tons of fun, since both of her sons were home.  So we also stopped by Carols' home to drop off the Book of Mormon.  We talked about the Book of Mormon, showing her where Christ came to visit the Americas, who's in the chapter, how the record of the Nephites started, and she was really excited about it all!  And she invited us back to teach her more about the Book of Mormon!!!  WHOOHOOO!!!!!!!!  So, we're going to go back on Tuesday to finish the last of the first lesson. :)  I'm super excited! :D

After that, we ate with the Fishers in 10th ward around 1:00 PM (they're missionaries for the Bishops storehouse), and then we took separate naps back at Sister Lawrences, and had pie in between the naps.  And then we had dinner with the Woods.  Mmmm... :)  They had ribs.  Talk about good. :)  We had a lot of fun with the Woods.  We love them. :)

Friday, we went to contact a referral, who asked for a.... Bible.  Awkward, right?  When we got the referral from Church Headquarters, we were like ".... who goes to to ask for a Bible?  You can get those at the Dollar Store for crying out loud!"  But, we complied.  We retrieved a Bible and went to contact this referral.  So, we knocked at his door and braced ourselves.  Turns out the man was trying to find a free Bible to download onto his tablet.  I'm not really sure how he sent in a referral, but oh well.  Good story to tell. :)

Saturday, we had dinner with the Taylors. :)  It was nice and simple, just pizza and salad.  But the pizza was super good.  They went to Nampa to get it. :)  You know it's quality pizza when you willingly go to another city to bring it back home to eat.  :)  Anyways, after we ate we taught the Law of Chastity, which ended up being a really good lesson.

And now we're to Sunday.  Beautiful, Blessed, Sunday.

CHRIS TAYLOR MADE IT TO SACRAMENT MEETING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my goodness, I'm so super excited!!!!!!  We of course pinned him down before he left Sacrament Meeting and talked to him.  He told us that he really wasn't planning on coming and did not feel up to it, but after his wife left for church he just had a completely overwhelming feeling that he needed to go, and he was glad he did go. :)  And Sister Taylor was really happy too. :)  She came up to us and told us what a wonderful surprise it was for her when her husband came and sat down by her. :)  It was really such a wonderful moment to see him walk into Sacrament meeting and sit down by her.  A complete and total blessing.  It really is one of the highlights of my mission, and I'm really grateful that I've had the opportunity to help him take these steps to return back to church. :)

Anyways, that is it for this week.  Needless to say, this week has been full of blessings and miracles, and I cannot wait to see what the rest of this Christmas season brings. :)

Oh, also, transfer calls are next week.  I'm expecting to leave Kuna.  It'll be another miracle if I don't. :)

I love y'all!  Keep the faith!


Sister Empey 

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