Monday, December 8, 2014

December 8, 2014 - Christmas is coming!!

Oh my goodness people, Christmas is coming!! :D  I'm so stinking EXCITED!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D 

*cough cough* Anyways..... it's been an awesome week folks.

Monday night was filled with the comments of primary kids, as we had lessons with both the Martins and with the Chestnuts.  We taught the Martins about Family History, their last lesson!  (Officially.  I think I've written that before.  This is their official last lesson.)  They were actually really interested in family history, and want to start!  Oh, those girls are super cute. :)  And then we taught the Chestnuts about CPR (Church, pray, read scriptures).  As we were teaching about prayer, we compared it to calling someone.  So, of course, Quin, the youngest at 6, asked what Heavenly Father's phone number was!  So we told them that Heavenly Fathers number was kneeling on your knees, folding your arms, bowing your head, and closing your eyes, and he just ate that up.  He made everyone kneel for the closing prayer.  It was really cute. :)

then on Tuesday, we gained a new investigator!  So, we've been trying to get to know Tony Schwab, a less-active who wants to become active again, and his son, Zach, who is not a member.  Zach is awesome-- because Tony has military duty, Zach comes to church on his own with the neighbors, the Wolters.  Anyways, we went and visited them Tuesday, and showed them both the "He is the Gift" video.  We then asked if we could help them both come closer to Christ by teaching them the lessons, and both agreed!  We're super excited to start teaching them soon. :)  Speaking of new investigators, we also taught Carol Bader the first lesson on Tuesday.  That was so exciting!  She loved what we taught her, and committed her to pray to know if what we taught her was true.  She said that for sure that she doesn't disbelieve what we teach, so that's always good news. :)  Now we just need to help her believe. :)

On Wednesday, we went and taught Karisma about Obedience and following the Prophets.  It was a really good, quick, lesson.  Nothing complicated about that.  After that, we watched "He is the Gift" with the entire family, and then we played a round of "Life" with her.  We had fun. :)  And then after, we went on splits, and Sister Jepsen and I went and saw Kim.  And while we were there, we also got to meet her son, Dennis.  He's a super cute kid.  he's in 7th grade and plays a bary sax.  He's super proud of his saxophone-playing skills, and his saxophone in general.  Anyways, we showed them the "He is the Gift" video, and Kim was really impressed by it.  We still aren't really at a point where we can invite her to the lessons again, but I love that we have a friendship with her.  :)  We plan to keep going over, just because we love her. :)

Thursday, we had splits in the other ward, and so I went with Sister Morrill and Sister Johnson to the Chestnuts again, so that we could invite them to the ward Christmas Party next week.  As we sat and visited, Sister Chestnut made a comment about how Quin was going to be upset when he realized I was there and didn't get a crazy handshake from me, and we all laughed and continued on with the conversation.  We talked about The Chestnut's land on the other side of town, Sister Chestnuts conversion story, and other stuff, and I wrapped up our conversation with a spiritual thought.  And as soon as I finished and asked about a closing prayer, Sister Chestnut told me to look up the stairs, and there's little Quin, jaw gaping at me!  And then came the real kicker-- he whines "I didn't get a crazy handshake from you!"  Oh my goodness, little Quin just KNOWS how to make my night!  We all started laughing, and I promised him a crazy handshake after the prayer.  But he had to show me how to telephone God first.  And he remembered. :)  He's super cute.  And he got his crazy handshake.

On Friday, it was... slow.  Cancelled appointments and what-not.  We did see Glenda at the Assisted Living, and gave a short lesson on Obeying the Law of the Land.  But more than anything, we were nervous about the next morning.....

Because Saturday morning was the DREADED TRANSFER CALLS..... O_O

So, Saturday morning, we went to go help clean the church building, and we got the call as we were cleaning the windows.  I believe it's safe to say I had a little party when I heard that not only was Sister Stevens staying in Kuna, but that I am too!!!!! :D  YEAH!!!!  Transfer 4 in Kuna, and transfer 3 with Sister Stevens coming up!  :D  I'm so stinking happy that I get to spend Christmas in KUNA with SISTER STEVENS!!!!!  :D  We're going to have lots of fun. :)

Anyways, we had a lesson with the Taylors about the Word of Wisdom, which turned into a conversation about moderation in everything.  It was a great lesson, as usual, but nothing too exciting this time.  And then we ate with Shawn and Shannon Renyolds that night, and they fed us Elk steaks.  Oh my goodness, they were so good!!!! :D  They were almost as good as the buffalo burgers they fed us the first time.  Almost. :)  But I'm sort of sad, because they're moving to Middleton Christmas Day. :(  Isn't that sad?!  Ugh, I'm gonna miss them!  They're such an awesome family!  I'm kinda hoping that one day I'll get transferred to Middleton, and they'll be in my area. :)  That would be awesome, not gonna lie.  And it would be awesome because they're awesome, not me.

And... yeah.  Sunday, we ate with the Morrills, and they made us Chicken Enchiladas.  Oh, they were so good!  But I couldn't taste it half of the time because I burnt my tongue when I took too big of a bite!  I was so upset because they had made them for me in case I was transferred!  But yeah.  They were still good.  I just couldn't taste them half of the time.  The other half was awesome though. :)

Well, that's it for now!  I love y'all, and I hope you are enjoying your Christmas holidays so far!


Sister Empey

PS-- Be jealous of my cup of hot coco there-- it had sprinkles. ;)

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