Monday, November 24, 2014

November 24, 2014 - Fast and Feast

Greetings from Chilly Kuna! :D

So, Monday night, we had dinner with the Higleys, and it was very interesting.  We had fried rice, wanton soup, chicken, and pizza with fried shrimp on it.  It was really good, actually. :)  And actually, each slice had one fried shrimp on it.  The rest of the shrimp on the pizza was covered by the cheese.  Like I said, it was pretty good. :)

We had another Meet the Mormons activity this Tuesday, and the 10th ward was in charge of it.  It was actually one of the best Meet the Mormons programs I have ever seen!  The displays stayed up for the whole hour, and the chapel was reasonably full this time!  So Sister Stevens and I wrote down all the members from our ward that came, and we're going to go to each family and ask them to invite someone to Meet the Mormons by the end of February.  We're excited to do this. :)

Wednesday was sort of a sick day.  We had a choir practice for Zone Meeting, and then I went home and totally slept for 2 hours in between lunch and dinner.  And then after dinner I slept more.  But dinner was fun. :)  We ate with Sister Angel, who is this awesome lady in the ward.  We just ate sandwiches in the front room, and just talked about life.  We also had fun comparing missions now to when she served her mission (she served in Harrisburg, PA).  She is totally awesome.  She's gone through a lot, the kind of stuff that shakes faith, but she's stayed faithful to the church the entire time.  We really love her. :)

Thursday was an incredible day!  We had Zone Conference on Thursday, and it was incredible!  We were all fasting, and by the time we reached our testimony meeting, the spirit was incredibly strong in the room.  Our song sounded beautiful as well. :)  Anyways, Zone Conference was an amazing experience.  I wish I knew what to include in the email to help you understand what a spiritually uplifting experience it was!  But I suppose it will satisfy me to let y'all know that I received many blessings from the messages shared and the experiences I had on Thursday, and I am very grateful that I felt well enough to go.

Saturday was crazy.  We get a call from our Zone Leaders, asking us if we could help someone move into our ward boundaries.  And we were like "Uh.... duh.  Of course!"  They're names are Amanda and David Todd, and they have 4 kids.  The Zone Leaders have been helping them out a lot, and they're impressed with how much we're willing to help.  Anyways, we hope to keep helping them out and eventually invite them to take the lessons.

We also saw Brother Taylor and taught about Church, Praying, and Reading Scriptures.  We had a great discussion about how each of them blesses us individually when we do one or two.  But then we talked about how much greater the blessings would be if you are actively trying to participate in all 3.  And the best thing was that at the end of the lesson, he committed to come to church!  We were so happy!  Especially since it was the Primary Program, and Sister Taylor is the Primary President, so we were really hoping that he would be willing to go. :)

After that, we went to Kims house and got to talk to her.  We asked if she would like to take the lessons again, and while she didn't really give us a straight no, she didn't say yes.  And she still wants us to come by!  We ended up having a really good discussion about the 3 kingdoms of Glory though, and we talked about how everyone is going to feel comfortable where they're at, that no one is going to be "punished" and sent to Hell.  She was really grateful for our explanation, and she said that it made a lot more sense than what the Elders had told her a few years before.  We also got her to commit to pray about what we talked about, to ask Heavenly Father if what we taught her was true.  And she said she would!  How exciting is that?!  Anyways, we really love her. :)  And she's going to teach us how to make little bowling pin dolls one day.  We're super excited for that. :)

As for Sunday.

The Primary Program was great.  It would have been a thousand times better if Brother Taylor had shown up. :(  Oh, it was so heartbreaking!  He seemed so sure that he could make it for just that one hour of Sacrament Meeting the day before!  But it's okay-- at least we know that he wants to come back, and we know that he's working hard towards it.  I know that he will make it back one day, and I know that it will bless his life.

Well, that's it for this week!  I love all of you, and I hope that you have a beautiful and blessed Thanksgiving!  And don't forget to show a little extra bit of gratitude towards your Heavenly Father this upcoming week!


Sister Empey

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