Tuesday, December 23, 2014

December 22, 2014 - MERRY CHRISTMAS

Short email this week.  I keep getting distracted.  Sorry.

So, to start off, we had a CHRISTMAS ZONE CONFERENCE!!!!!! It was super nice and chill-- we mostly just watched short movies like "Mr. Krugers Christmas" and sang songs and listened to people sing songs.  Our Zone actually sang "Still, Still, Still" for it.  It's Sister Cannon's favorite Christmas song, and she was crying afterwards.  It was really sweet.  You always know if you did a good job if Sister Cannon is crying.  I love her very much.  And it was a very nice Zone Conference.

Let's see what else....  we saw Carol Anne this week. :)  We read 3 Nephi 11 with her, and she really enjoyed it. We then committed her to be baptized.  She said maybe.  But that's better than a no, so we're running with it. :)

We also saw Zach and Tony Schwab this week and taught them Lesson 1.  It went really well, and had a good discussion about the Book of Mormon at the end.  They're going to Las Vegas this week for Christmas, but when they get back, we plan to invite Zach to be baptized. :)  he cracks us up!!!  While we were talking to Tony about his job, Zach was doing summersalts in the background!  Or treating his cat like a gun.  Or just being a typical 12-year old boy.  he makes us happy. :)  And we love the fact that he wants to come to church on his own when his dad can't make it. :)  And he said that we were his best friends at church.  He just is so stinking adorable!  Love that kid. :)

We also saw the Taylors this week.  Oh my goodness, Brother Taylor is AWESOME!!!  We talked about Tithing and Fasting this week.  Of course, it was a great discussion.  But the great part about it was when we talked about the upcoming fast Sunday, when we invited him to fast with us to help him return to church.  He may not have cried, but you could tell that both he and Sister Taylor were really touched by it, and he accepted that commitment.  it was a very nice, tender moment.  And then they gave us Christmas gifts.  We can't wait to open them this week. :)

Anyways, that's all really.  I love you all. :)

Merry Christmas!!!! :D  I love all of y'all!  Please enjoy your Christmas and spread the joy of it to those in need of it!!!


Sister Empey

#HeistheGift :)

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