Thursday, July 3, 2014

June 30, 2014 - New Area

Wow.  Switching to a new area is WEIRD.

I'll sit there at the beginning of the morning, and think: "Oh!  It's ______day!  I get to see.... oh, wait, never mind."

The rest of my p-day last week wasn't too crazy-- 

Sister Happy-happy and Sister Gray stayed at our place until about 9, since they were staying at the mission home that night, but they were having meetings. 

... the two were fascinated with what I had in my luggage.  Like the fact that I had a lot of tuna.... and the fact that I can (still) fit in my luggage.

Speaking of fitting into odd places....

In Emmett, Jayme, a recent convert, has a dog cage, and, well....

maybe not one of my smartest moments, but certainly one of my funnest. :)

Anyways, the end of my Monday was sort of chill.  Just unpacking, and having fun with Sister Keyser, Happy-happy, and Gray.

OH!  So, first week here in Nampa, and I've already given a talk, and one of the wards has asked me to sing.  And both wards know that I can sing.  Or at least the people who want to know that kind of information do.  And we did sharing time yesterday as well.  I get the feeling that we're well utilized in the wards here...  but my talk went well.  I did it based off of Acts 10:34-44, when Peter is first teaching the Gentiles, and Sister Keyser did hers on Preach my Gospel.  A lot of people really appreciated them. 

And.... I'm trying to think of what else....

Oh!  So, we have one investigator, her name is Sierra Laws.  She's the 8-year old foster child of some members, and she wants to be baptized, but we have to wait for the Laws to finish adopting her, which won't be finished until she turns 9, so we're teaching her the lessons now.  She's a really sweet girl.

Then there's the Millers.  Brother Miller is a recent convert, and is really nice.  And his wife is really sweet too, and she owns a vintage shop online.  And oh my goodness the clothes that she has are AMAZING!!!!  She has clothes back from the 1800's all the way up to the 1980's.  It's so AWSESOME.  I got like, an hour tour of all of her clothes.  I swear that's like, the only place I'll shop when I get home.  Actually, not really, but, you know, it was so awesome to look at. 

Then there's the Vasi Family.  They're Tongan, and are pretty nice.  They always make food for us while we're there.  I get the feeling we can't escape without something in our hands.  The mom and the oldest daughter are completely inactive, and all the rest of the kids aren't members.  Right now, we're mostly just being their friends, and inviting the daughter back to church, and they're a really nice family.

Below are some pictures of families from my area:

Dingeldien Family

The Puccio's,

The Valdez Family


The Earl Family

And... yeah.  That's all I can think of for now.

I'm sorry it's another short week!  I just don't know what else to write!

I love and miss y'all, and hope everything is going awesome. :)


Sister Empey

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