Monday, July 21, 2014

July 21, 2014 - I'm scotch tape I'm so free of anything!

Congrats to those of you who get the reference.  

So.... we're trying to keep busy.  And we do, to an extent.  We do a lot of service for the ward members.  Like this week, we helped Sister Kitley in the 25th ward with her backyard, pulling out weeds and putting in gravel.  It was nice to do some hard work. :)  And I did the work without getting sunburned!!!!!  Even though I forgot to put on sunscreen!!!!  I'm pretty happy about that.  Kind of shows you how often I work outside. :)

We met a potential investigator this week!  She's a friend of Sister Steelman from the 25th ward, who is... the Relief Society President I think.  Anyways, Sister Steelman brought her friend Jane to the Come and See program the Stake holds, which is basically a small tour of the church and about the different programs we have in the Church.  She was really nice, and I told her to give us a call if she ever needed anything, so I'm hoping that she will.

We also met this lady named Deborah from the 19th ward.  She had the discussions about 20 years ago, but the missionaries I guess went through them really fast, and she's fallen inactive. So when she went to take the temple prep classes, she didn't seem to understand some of the basic concepts, so we've been called in to re-teach the discussions and help her out.  It'll be a little hard, because she LOVES to talk, and is probably a little ADD, but I'm excited to help her out.

And we met with a part-member family this week, the Potters.  They're really fun.  They're a blended family, and the oldest son isn't baptized, apparently because his dad doesn't approve or something like that.  But they're an awesome family.  I hope we get to get to know them more!  And better!  I actually got along well with the son, thanks to Dad and his love for WWII.  He loves learning about WWII, and he likes to read.  needless to say, we got along pretty well.  I hope we can get him to take the lessons again!  That would be AWESOME!! :D
And... yeah.


We've also been teaching the Lawes family.  They're all members, except for the foster child, Sierra, who they're adopting.  She's 8 years old, and is super sweet.  Well, they got news that they're going to be able to adopt her sooner than planned, and so the adoption could go through by August 14th!  And they've invited us to go to the temple when they all get sealed, which is super awesome. :)  They're such a sweet family.  I'm really excited for them. :)

No news from Juan.  I think I've mentioned him before.  He's Bishop Kempf's neighbor.  We contacted him a couple of weeks ago, and he said he would be interested in taking the discussions, but we haven't heard back since.  But I know that he's going through the process of getting a job as... a correctional officer, I think.  So he's probably really busy.  I just hope that we hear from him soon-ish.  He seemed pretty golden. :)

Anyways, I love you all!  And as the Lord reminds Joshua, several times, "Be strong, and of a good courage"!  

Do good!

Sister Empey

PS-- Pictures from last week!

My Octopus Garden cupcakes.  (I was in a Beatles mode.  I wanted to listen to their music so bad last week!)

And here's Sister Keyser holding the baby bird we found.  Aren't they cute?! :)

And... I saw this at a members home.  I sort of want this for my own home when I get back. :P

Love y'all! <3

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