Monday, July 14, 2014

July 14, 2014 - You're in a dead zone now.....

Anyone remember those commercials?  Where people would be like "why isn't my phone working?!" and some weird dude would be all "You're in a dead zone now...."  and it was like a cheesy horror flick with flickering lights and all?

Well, being on a mission, that line has a whole new meaning.  There is very little to do here.  By definition, our area would be called a "dead area".

But that means that there is a lot of work to do. :)

But, despite the fact that the work is "dead" here, we had a pretty eventful week.

So, first off, we may have picked up a couple of new investigators, who are Bishop Kempf's neighbors.  We talked to a guy named Juan, who doesn't live there, but he's over there a lot with his girlfriend, Jennifer.  He said that she wasn't really available at the moment, but when we asked if he would like to know more about the church, he agreed to learn more, and said that he would invite Jennifer and her mom to join in too!  That was pretty exciting. :)  He said that he's had a lot of friends go on missions, so he's curious to know more about the church.  Totally cool, right?  And he seems pretty genuine about wanting to learn, so we'll see where that goes.

So... I feel bad, because I forgot my camera at home, but on Wednesday night, we went and made cupcakes with a reactivating member, Sister Hale.  It was super fun!  We met with her last week and saw that she decorated cakes, and asked if we could learn from her, and she agreed!  They were lots of fun to make, and she's letting us keep them to give to people.  So we're using them as thank-you gifts for members and as just a little gift for some of the less-actives and (one day) investigators.  So we're going to do that every Wednesday night.  We're pretty stoked.  Like I said, I wish I had my camera to show you guys the cupcakes I decorated.  It was pretty fun, and they looked cute. :)

Oh, we also lost the car on Wednesday.  Talk about a bitter-sweet moment.  Sister Keyser got a call on Tuesday from the doctors office saying that she was now clear to walk, and since our area is a walking area.... Elder Short called us up and asked for the car back.  So we handed it back to him on Wednesday.  Like I said, bitter-sweet.  I don't mind walking all that much, and it's good to have more interaction with people outside, but it's nice to have the independence of a car.  And the air conditioning.  The air conditioner was nice.  But if we're walking, that means that Sister Keyser's knee is healing up, which is good too.  Means that she won't be sent home. :)

And.... yeah.  OH!  We also found a baby bird last night on the sidewalk as we were walking.  We ended up taking it home to Sister Mays (the person we live with), and called animal control, who gave us the number for a lady that rescues birds.  So, we took it to her.  Like I said, I wish I had my camera with me to show you pictures of it.  It was really cute. :)

And I sang yesterday in 37th's Sacrament Meeting (joy).  Last week, Sister Hull, who is in charge of music, came up to us and asked us if either of us sang.  And I was all like ".... yeah... I do....", and so I was scheduled in to sing.  She apologized, like, a thousand times for it being short notice, but I didn't mind it too much.  I just ended up singing "Lord, I would Follow Thee."  And it went pretty good too.  I just wish it had sounded as good as when I was practicing.  Oh well.  One day.  And I'm apparently am going to sing in 25th ward too in a couple of weeks.  So yeah, I'm being used well here, with giving talks and teaching parts of classes (we taught part of Young Women's last week.), and now singing in Sacrament meeting.  Crazy, right?  Not that I'll complain-- anything to tell someone to come to church.  "Hey!  You should come!  I'm doing _____ at church this week!  I'd like some support from you!"  Smart, right?

Anyways, that's pretty much it.  Other than that, we've gone through the ward directories twice to try to contact less-active members, and we've resorted to tracting this past week.  We're hoping to turn that around soon.  It's not effective.  At all.  We're going to try a different approach this week I think.

Well, I love y'all and hope all is well.  Be safe, and keep the faith!


Sister Empey

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