Monday, July 28, 2014

July 28, 2014 - Pioneer Children sang as they walked...

... and walked and walked and walked and walked.

We do that every day too as missionaries.  :)

I love the 24th of July as a missionary.  Especially when you serve 2 wards who conveniently plan their celebrations on different days.  It's a holiday you can actually celebrate as a missionary! :D

So, we had a ward party on the 23rd with the 25th ward, and theirs was legit.  I should have taken pictures.  They had an.... mmmm.... think it was a Model T Ford there (agh!  So pretty!!!!), and they had a dunk tank there.  And my companion had the pleasure of being able to dunk Bishop Lee in the tank with his suit coat.  Pretty awesome, no?  

And then the 37th ward held their party on the 24th.   We watched the John Tanner story (I can't remember what it's called, but it makes me cry.  It's such an amazing story!), and then had ice cream.  And they had a mock handcart.  It was pretty cool.

Um..... oh!  We're almost done teaching the Lawes family.  We just have half of the 5th lesson left to teach them, so we're really excited. :)

And.... yeah.  The second half of the week we didn't really do anything, because Sister Keyser got the stomach flu (yuck!).  But hey!  Everyone was saying that I was bound to get it, but I haven't yet. :)  I'm pretty happy about that, and plan to keep it that way.

And news on Mary.....

she was supposed to get baptized Friday.  And then she started smoking again.  So it's been pushed back a couple of weeks.  Again.

ONE DAY SHE'LL BE BAPTIZED.  I KNOW IT.  I have complete and total faith that one day she'll be baptized.  We just got to get that darn adversary off of her for a couple of weeks.  But you can see why he works so hard on her, because she truly has one of the most valiant spirits I have ever seen.  If she can just keep her two feet on the ground, she would more than likely be a huge threat to Satan's kingdom.  Because her faith is unwavering.

And... oh, yeah.  I got to make homemade soap and lip balm this week for a lady who is going to throw a Doterra party soon and needed help making products with oils in them.  It was pretty fun.

Other than that, there's been a lot of studying going on from being stuck at home.  Since Friday, I've read from Judges 14 and just reached 2 Samuel today.  Crazy, right?  And Deborah from Judges has become one of my role models.  She was a freaking military leader for the Israelites!  (A "judge" was a military leader noted for their faith in the Lord and often delivered Israel out of the hands of their oppressors when they first reached the Promised Land.)  How can she not me an inspiration for woman, that they can still be strong in the Lord, and stand for whats right and fight for it and protect it?  And going in hand with that is Jael, who, in the same chapter, killed the captain of the oppressors.   Took care of sin, right on the spot.  With a hammer and a nail. (For those of you interested in reading, it's Judges 4.) Granted, we don't have to be as violent as these two had to be, but the war with sin is waged every day in our hearts, and we must be bold and daring, like these two women were, if we are to win against it.

Anyways, it's been a busier week.  And I'm seeing the result of hard work-- if you work hard, you'll find the work to fill your day.  And if you don't find the work, if you still make the time productive it will feel like your time has been worth it.

And... yeah.  That's it!  Hope all of you are doing well, and enjoy your week!  Keep your faith strong-- it will provide a good rock for you to stand on.


Sister Empey

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