Monday, June 1, 2015

Crazy, as always

Oh my goodness.... I'll try to remember what happened, but I totally forgot my planner today, so there's no guarantee to the sanity of this letter.

Um.... we finished moving on Monday... yup.  The lady we live with, Sister Draney, is super nice. :)

Tuesday..... we dropped off Sister Osburn at the mission office, where her mom picked her up.
I'm so excited for her!  She'll be a great missionary in Wisconsin. :)  

Um.... I really don't remember what has happened!..... um....

OH!  We met this lady named Krystal Kota this week.  She's been less active since she was a teenager, but she recently has been getting help from the church.  We had a really good visit with her, and she wants to to stop by every once in a while. :)  So hopefully we can visit her every once in a while.

Thursday was good. :)  I like, almost forgot it was even my birthday.  It was fun!  We went to this little cafe place in our area called "Sky Blue Cafe", and they seriously have the BEST burgers there!  It was totally worth the $10. :)  And then Sisters Gibb and Wright, our Sister Training Leaders, decorated our room for my birthday!  It looked super cute. :)  Also, thank you to everyone for all of your birthday greetings!  I felt so loved by y'all. :)

Ooh!  I totally forgot-- on Tuesday, we went over to the Stokes home so that I could cut Maci's hair, Myah was totally excited.... until I actually started cutting.

Here's me cutting her hair.....
And here's Myah crying once I started cutting.
(Photos courtesy of Brother Stokes.)

It was pretty funny.  She kept asking in between sobs "Is Maci okay?  Does Maci hurt?"  It was so sad, but it was more cute and funny.  The Stokes would completely agree.  But by the time I finished Maci's hair, Myah popped into the chair and was like "My turn?"  Oh goodness, that girl cracks me up.

Um.... yeah.  We've mostly just have been busy....

Oh.  Sunday!  We were able to visit the Fries on Sunday, and it was a good lesson. :)

Um... yup.  I can't think of anything else.  Love y'all, and I hope that you've had an awesome week!


Sister Empey

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