Tuesday, June 16, 2015

June 15, 2015

Isn't that the truth?! :)

With Carol Anne being baptized last week, I've been trying to live the Gospel more fully and more joyfully, which included me to stop praying for work and to more actively seek it out.  It wasn't that we weren't working, I just found a stronger desire to do it.  And find it we did!

Tuesday started out with a visit to the Hoaglands, and to our surprise, Brother Hoagland was there!  So, we sat down and read the first two chapters of Nephi with Brother and Sister Hoagland, Kyle (13),and Karina (11). It was the calmest I have ever seen that household.  I didn't really do any reading with them-- I was braiding Sister Hoaglands hair and trying to keep her awake, but I was able to put in comments here and there, and there was a good spirit in the home, probably the first time I have felt it there.  It was really neat. :)  After that, we decided to stop by Joy Redding's home, and her daughter, Shawnie Hill, was there!  YAY!!!  So we finally got to sit down and meet her!  Shawnie is SO super sweet-- she's an in-home caretaker for people with mental disabilities, and works a graveyard shift Thursday to Monday, but she's just so bright and bubbly!  As we visited with them, they mentioned how they've been a little stressed, because they're trying to put the house together for their realtor to take pictures on Thursday, but that they were behind on their cleaning.  Needless to say, we jumped on that opportunity and begged them to let us come over the next day to help clean.  They finally relented and agreed to let us come over. :)  The rest of the day we spent trying to invite people to the Relief Society activity that night, which was super fun.  We did some speed friendshipping, which was good for us as missionaries to meet the Sisters in the ward, and then we had ice cream.  It was a great way to end our night.

Wednesday was quite exciting. :)  After District meeting, we rushed back to our area to meet up with Paul.  Sadly, he said that he prayed to know if what was in the pamphlet was true, and he said that his answer was "no", but we had a good talk about different religious topics, and he still wants us to visit him, so we will, because we can still have the Spirit testify while we're there.  He's a great person.  Afterwards, we went home, changed into our service clothes, and headed over the Joy and Shawnie's home to CLEAN!!  So Sister Ma'ukoloa cleaned the bathroom, hallway, and kitchen, while I pulled together the patio in the backyard (all the while keeping windows and screen doors open so that we could see and hear each other.  The things missionaries do to stay in sight and sound).  They were so grateful for the help!  And it really did help out a lot-we should have taken some before and after pictures.  haha  But seriously.  It was a great experience, and we plan to invite Shawnie to take the lessons tomorrow when we go to visit.  I'm so excited!  And both Sister Ma'ukoloa and I feel like she's prepared to accept the Gospel now.  

Then on Thursday, we were finally able to get in the visit the Dicksons again to teach Chandler!  But I think he's more interested in my Origami abilities then the actual lessons.  And it was super crazy because dogs and people were running in and out.  We're hoping that next time we can get everyone in the home to sit down and participate in the lesson, and that we can get Chandler more excited about learning about the Gospel and not have to use Origami as a bribe to get him to sit down.  And then we had dinner with the Johnsons, a part-member family, and they made Yorkshire pudding.  AND IT WAS SO GOOD!!!!  :D  haha Yup, I loved it. :)

Friday was pretty good too. :)  We went to visit the Hoaglands again, and Keenan sat in with us while we were reading!!!  YAY!!!!  He totally just did it on his own will!!!  It was super exciting guys!!!!  He even read some verses in between cooking chicken nuggets!!!  Even after he said that he was done reading, he ended up coming back and read some more with us!!! PROGRESS!!!!  Hopefully, we can encourage him to come to church soon.  Then for the rest of the day, we were on exchanges, so I was with Sister Wright in the neighboring ward.  We had lots of fun, and good success. :)

On Saturday, we helped a Sister named Nina unpack in her new home.  It was pretty fun. :)  And.... yeah.  That was basically Saturday.

And then yesterday, we had a good visit with the Fries about going to church, praying, and reading their scriptures, and they committed to have family scripture study and prayer!!!  It was super exciting.

And... yeah.  I think that's it for this week. :)  It was a good, busy week. :)

Well, I love you all, and I hope you enjoy the rest of your week!


Sister Empey

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