Monday, May 25, 2015

Transfers, a baptism, and 6 more weeks.



Can you believe it?!?!?!  How awesome is that?!?! :D  It's so exciting!!!!!!  I'm so glad that she gets to finish up in Wisconsin. :)  I'm so excited for her. :)  She'll be great there. :)

Well, there's not too much to report.  It was a really slow week sadly. :(  But Saturday was an exciting day!  It started out with transfer calls Saturday morning, and my new companion is Sister Ma'ukoloa (Mah-oo-koh-low-ah), who is Samoan and is from Oregon.  And then Saturday night, I got to go back to Caldwell/Marsing and go to Nicole Hunsakers baptism!  And even cooler is that Doug, her husband, got to baptize her. :)  It was really neat to be able to go back to Caldwell and see her take this step in her life.  And then I got to see the Taylors from Kuna, because they were picking up Sister Hopper and Paxton from the baptism (Sister Hopper taught Nicole before I got there).  And it was totally awesome to see them again. :)

Me, Sister Longhurst, Sister Hopper, Nicole & Doug Hunsaker
On Sunday, after church, we went so that Sister Osburn could go say good-bye to a couple of families, and then we went to Mission Presidents home so that President Cannon could give Sister Osburn her exit interview, and I picked up Sister Ma'ukoloa there, because Sister Gray left for home yesterday.  Can you believe that she's going home?!  Man, I'm getting old!  (Mission wise, that is.)  Anyhows, after that, the three of us (Osburn, Ma'ukoloa, and myself) went over to Sue Pearce's home, a recent convert of just over a year, and we did some baking for her daycare.  It was pretty fun.

Well, that's it for this week. :)  Sorry this email is so short.  This week will be crazy though.  We're moving into a different home today (no more kitties and old dogs and bunnies :(  Darn!), and Sister Osburn leaves to return home tomorrow. GAH!  Makes me wanna cry!!  She can't go yet!!!!  But... I know that she has to... the people of Wisconsin need her.  And who knows?  Maybe she'll run into people that Barb knew. :)  Wouldn't that be pretty epic? :)

Oh!  And the piece of news I got this week is that Carol Ann, a lady I taught in Kuna, is going to be baptized June 6!!!!  I GET TO GO BACK TO KUNA!!!!  WHOOO!!!!! :D

And so now, I'm on my 6 final weeks.  Do me a favor and please don't ask me if I'm "Trunky".  I have come to find out that THAT is my biggest pet peeve.

Love y'all, be safe, and so we go.


Sister Empey

The Stokes family.  They're great.  I'm holding Myah (9, and autistic) because that was the only way she was going to do the picture at that point.  I actually met them last 4th of July because I knew their cousins, the Illums in Nampa South 37th ward.  They're good friends, to say the least. :)  It helps that they're nerds like me. :)

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