Monday, September 1, 2014

September 1, 2014 - Are ya Mormon?

HOLY COW!  This week was AWESOME!!! :D

So, it started out with a Family Home Evening with the Jepsens (Bro Jepsen 2nd counselor in the bishopric and our designated Ward Mission Leader, Sis Jepsen a Ward missionary, and all-around awesome family), the Whiteheads (a less active family), the Marsalas (recent converts), and VeAnne Jensen (another ward missionary).  It was lots of fun!  We talked about baptismal covenants, and played a game called KISS (aka- Keep It Simple Stupid).  Basically, you split the groups into two teams and put one member from each team up front.  You then show the rest of the people a word, and the teams each come up with one word to describe the first word.  The people up front have to guess what the word is based off the one-word description.  If that made sense.  I hope it did.  Anyways, it was fun. :)

On Wednesday, Sister Ketring was sick with the stomach flu (companion #2 that has had it), so most of the day was spent studying 1 Chronicles, reading the Book of Mormon, and watching Mormon Messages.  It was a nice, chill-out day.

We got to teach David Pitt on Thursday!  He's such a cute kid, and actually knew quite a bit about Joseph Smith.  I'm sure he'll be prepared for his baptism when he turns 8.  :)

On Friday, we had a meeting with President Francis (the Stake President for the Kuna East Stake), basically talking about how there were going to be some major changes soon in leadership in our ward, and about Progressive Mormonism, which is sort of running rampant in our ward.  We were both very grateful to be able to talk to him.

Later that day, we had the Jepsens come pick us up at Cheveron, because we had left our bikes at their house the night before, and we were buying a birthday gift for their daughter, Kylee.  Well, as the four of us were pulling out, we saw a bunch of the Elders at the sno cone shack, and Brother Jepsen said "Well, that was rude of them to not invite you!"

What he did next was hilarious.

he pulled up to them, and rolled down only his window (all his car windows being tinted), and yelled out in the most intimidating voice "HEY!  Are ya Mormons?"  (Brother Jepson has worked as Security before.  He knows how to be intimidating.)

All 8 Elders, including our zone leaders, sat there, slack-jawed and surprised.  So, he continued!  "I asked you, are ya Mormons?  Do you have one of those books?"  Finally, after a couple of minutes he yells "Come up here!  I want to talk to you!"

So, Elder Tupou, our fearless Tongan Elder, bravely strides up to the truck.  His Companion, Elder Astle, frantically pushed through the other Elders to back up his companion as needed.

Elder Tupou walks right up to the truck, looks inside....

And makes direct eye contact with Sister Ketring, who was trying to control her laughing, but couldn't.

All chaos erupted.  Both Sister Ketring and I burst out laughing with Elder Tupou's eyes growing so wide, and Brother Jepsen rolled down the back seats window so that the rest of the Elders could see that we had been sitting in back the whole time.

Their jaws dropped even lower, which just caused us to laugh harder.  It took them a couple of minutes to recover from the shock.  It was pretty funny.

On Saturday, we had exchanges with Sister Barnes and Cole, so I stayed in Kuna with Sister Barnes.  

Our morning started out busy.  We were out the door by 8:15 to go clean up the banks of the river, than an hour later we went to a less active's home to help her move out.  And there was SO MUCH HAIR in that home.  She had a Huskey dog, who slept under the bed, and there were hairballs the size of baseballs under it!  And she had only been living there since February!  It was sort of gross.  But it was good work.  We got a TON of cleaning done, and got everything out of the house in like, an hour flat.  It was pretty impressive.

After that, we went out to visit people, and around 4:20, were leaving a less-actives home, and Sister Barnes said "Our bikes are gone."

At first, I froze a bit, and then I realized that we were across from the Marsalas.  Now, Nick Marsala and Bro Jepsen are best friends, so my first thought was "... Marsala..."  So, I was trying to get Sister Barnes to cross the street with me, while she was distracted by another bike, when I see Brother Jepsens truck drive up to us.  With the bikes in back.  He had seen them when he stopped by the Marsalas home, and they had packed them in his truck and Brother Jepsen was going to take them to his house!  

However, he felt guilty, and came to return them to us.  It was pretty funny.  Especially when Nick came out and said "Did they catch you Shayne?!"

I yelled back "I knew you were a part of it!"

Nick just smiled and went back inside.

Yeah, great times. :)

And then Sunday was busy busy busy!  I got to sing in Sacrament Meeting for Jacob Goldsberry's homecoming.  I sang "More Holiness Give Me", and it was the best performance yet!  I can actually remember myself singing!  And it made it worth it when Jacob got up and said "I'm glad you sang that song.  One of the ladies I got to baptize asked for us to sing that song at her baptism, so I'm grateful for that little flashback."  It was really nice. :)

After that, we taught Gospel Principles in our ward, and then taught Young Womens in the 12th ward.  That was lots of fun. :)

We also got to eat dinner last night with Sister Lawrence, the lady we live with, and a bunch of her family was over, so we sort of took the night off and played with them.  We played soccer for like, 2 hours with the grandkids (something my feet are paying for-- 3 regular blisters, plus a blood blister.), and ended the night watching 17 Miracles.  it was pretty fun.

Well, that's it for this week!  The next couple of weeks are going to be busy-- we have Zone Conference tomorrow, with Elder Gudoi of the 70 coming to speak with us, and on September 12, I get to go on my first temple trip!  YAY!!!  I'm super excited!  Mostly for the temple trip.  Zone Conference-- only semi-excited.  They tend to drain me, but I can't wait to see what I'll learn. :)

Well, that's it for this week!  Hope y'all had as great of a week as I did!  Keep the faith!


Sister Empey

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