Monday, September 8, 2014

September 8, 2014 - HUMP DAY!!!!!


Yup, yesterday was my official halfway mark-- I didn't do anything fun for it really, but it's still a cool day to acknowledge.  From here, it's all downhill!  (That's right, mom and dad-- you can start counting down the days now.  haha)

Anyways, this week has been... interesting.

So, Monday, we went to Kuna Caves with Sister Lawrence's nephew, Reid, his wife Nicole, and Holly, Sister Lawrence's granddaughter.  It was tons of fun!  Check it out:

Going down!  I went down first in our group.  (Yeah, I was the brave one.  Try to figure that one out.)

Sister Ketring and I. :)

You know when missionaries are down in the caves when they use the only source of natural light to strike a Saturdays Warrior pose.

Me climbing back up. :)  It was a good 50 feet down into the caves!

The "caves" (or, more accurately, "cave"), is a long lava tube that runs under Kuna, and apparently goes as far as Mountain Home!  It has several open caverns, with small crawling spaces in between.  The place is littered with graffiti, and glass, because it used to be a party place (well, still might be.  I don't pay attention to that kind of stuff), but it was fun to crawl through and check it out. :)  We didn't go too far out in the caves though.  We could only stay in for so long before feeling suffocated.  It was a nice change from our regular P-Day.

And then on Tuesday, we had Zone Conference, with Elder Gudoy of the First Quorum of the Seventy!  The training was really good-- he loved to interact with us, and had us all falling of the pews, stitched up with laughter!  But it really made me think too-- am I just going about, doing the day-to-day things, or am I really doing all I can to make my mission the most golden experience possible?  I came out of that meeting with a new commitment to be a better missionary and really trying to magnify my calling.  But the Zone meeting was really short-- we ate lunch and then it was over.  That was really weird to not have another training after lunch.  But, you know, whatever.  It was still really awesome. :)

Wednesday was.... unique.  So, we go out after lunch, around one o'clock, right?

WELL.... We knocked on 10 doors.  2 answered, neither let us in.  I crashed into Sister Ketring-- got a bruise on my back from the crash.  Her skirt got caught and torn.  My skirt got caught and torn.  Skirts caught caught a couple of more times.  My chain came off.  Sister Ketring fixed it, and as she turned my bike back over, she knocked her bike over, and her purse tipped out and spilled into the street.  And then her bike tire went flat.  And my chain came off again.

That all happened by 3 o'clock.

Needless to say, we sort of gave up on Wednesday.  With all of that happening within TWO hours.  We went home, hung out with Sister Lawrence's grandkids, went to dinner, went to a meeting with our Ward Mission Leader, stopped by Moxi Javas to get Italian Creme Sodas, and went home.  Yup.  That was Wednesday.

We also had Zone meeting this week, (yeah, Zone meeting on top of Zone Conference.  This was the week of meetings.  I kid you not.)  and Zone meeting was REALLY good.  President Cannon was actually AT our Zone meeting.  He came in to talk about some new rules-- we cannot own any sort of card or board game, and can no longer burn clothing at our halfway mark--  and told us that as we followed these rules that we would be blessed.  He got very real and personal with us, and it was a very spiritual moment that led to one of the most amazing Zone Meetings I've had.  Again, it was a reminder to me to stick to my commitment from Zone Conference, and I was nearly crying after we had our testimony meeting at the end.  It was really amazing.

Sunday was really amazing as well.  Both the Gospel Principles class and Relief Society were on faith, which we're exercising a lot of right now.  Both Sister Ketring and I were fasting for the Martin Girls.  Their mom came down this week, somewhat unannounced (they knew she was coming, but didn't know when she was), and said that they couldn't get get baptized because they would never know what they're getting into.  It broke our hearts to hear that.  So we've been fasting and praying that mom will soften her heart and let those girls be baptized.  They want it, so bad... it's sad to see them unable to be baptized because of their mother...

Anyways, that's it.  On Friday I get to go to the Temple!!!!!  I'm super excited to go!!!!  It's been so long since I've gone!  Can't wait to tell y'all about it!

Well, that's it.  I love y'all!  Keep the Faith!


Sister Empey

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