Monday, February 10, 2014

Feb 3, 2014 - Did this week really happen?!?

No, seriously..... this week has been a total blur. We'll just go backwards, starting from yesterday.  That will probably work best.

Yesterday was slow, thanks to the super bowl.  There was no one to visit, no one.  So.... we worked on cleaning out our area book (an ongoing process), and read the first few chapters of Genesis, and Sister Robinson mapped out the lineage of Noah.  It was actually kind of cool.

As for Mary, still not coming to church.... apparently, when she went to get her teeth, they couldn't take them off and they had to drill them off.  Doesn't that just make your spine tingle?  So, she's still not coming to church, but she is cutting down on her smoking!  YES!  IT makes me SO happy that she's quitting, and we haven't even taught her the Word of Wisdom yet!  (That will be coming up this week.... wish us luck!)

Friday was a little eventful..... we ended up dropping Walt that night.  Well, he dropped us.  We had the feeling all week to not go visit him until Friday night.  So, we just decided to have a porch visit and see how he liked church, and he informed us that he's just going to stick to what he has right now and doesn't want to investigate.  We were both sad, but we weren't devastated like we were with Sierra.  Both Sister Robinson and I feel like we have played our part in Walt's conversion story, and it's really up to him to decide to accept the Gospel or not.  We also received a call from Brother Stander, who owns our apartment, but lives in Indiana.  And his message?  He's selling his house!  So, we might be moving soon.  We aren't totally sure if we are yet; we've let the mission office know; but for now, we're enjoying our little rooftop apartment while we still have it. 

We also visited a contact on Friday.  her name is Genevive, and she's 95 years old.  She's not looking at joining the church, but she attends the sacrament meeting at her rest home, so she wanted to learn a little more about the church.  We'll go visit her every once in a while, but she probably won't be an investigator anytime soon.

We visited Dorian and Traiden Curtis Thursday.  It's so frustrating-- we have a baptismal date set for February 15, and they aren't coming to church!  Their mom I guess usually brings them, but it's been difficult to the last couple of weeks.We want them there SO BAD!!!  But they seem to be getting a better grasp on what we're teaching them, and how it applies to them, which is good.  We just need to get them to church, and we'll be fine.  We also visited Connie (the less-active who wants to go through the temple for her husband and herself), and read the Book of Mormon with her.  She loves reading it with us.  She shays that she is actually understanding it this time, unlike every other time she has tried to read it.  That makes me so happy!  But, like everyone else, we can't get her to church.  It's a little more difficult for her-- she has a handicapped son to take care of-- but we're trying to get her to agree to come just to sacrament meeting. I just know that if we can get her to Sacrament meeting, that that will help us prepare her better for the temple.

Wednesday... we met with one of our potential investigators, Karin.  She's originally from Brazil, and appreciates the help we give, and is willing to listen to us share scriptures.... we're hoping that through us and Bishop Bevan (who speaks Portuguese because he served in Brazil), we can get her to open up to the lessons.... we just have to do that before May, when she's moving to.... I think it was North Carolina. Anyways, she's really spiritual, and she seems to be looking to have something fill her life.... if only she realized that it was the Gospel....

AND...... yeah, I think that's all that really happened this week.  I still love this work, I still love this Gospel, and I'm so grateful to be out here.  I am amazed at all of the times that Heavenly Father has placed us in the right places at the right times and gave us the right words to help people.  And I'm so grateful that people have the choice to accept our words or reject it.  Yes, it makes my work harder, but it makes it so much more worth it and enjoyable.

I love you guys!  Hope you're all doing well!


Sister Empey

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