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Feb 24, 2014


Transfers were last week, and I forgot to mention that my ENTIRE DISTRICT is staying here in Emmett for another 6 weeks.  We have a new zone leader though: Elder Patterson.... I think.  He's from St. George, of all places.  I'm sort of surprised as to how many people from Utah are serving here.

So, we've picked up 2 new investigators this week!  On Saturday, we met the Puccios in the East Valley Ward.  Brother White, the... I wanna say High Priest Leader.... anyways, he's been fellowshipping them for a while, and letting Brother Crawforth, our Ward mission leader, know what's going on.  Well, Brother Crawforth let us know the other day that he thought that now would be a good time to go meet them, so we called Brother White to get their address and LO AND BEHOLD!  He was planning on visiting them!  So, we met him over there, and he showed a couple of the Mormon messages on the temple and the preisthood.  We talked to them a little bit about it, and they invited us back over!  They were all like "Oh yeah, come back over any time!" (slight New Jersey accent included.)  So we're going to stop by another time this week to actually meet them.  Brother White sort of dominated the conversation this time.

Also, we received word from Bishop Walker from South Slope ward that we can start teaching another family!  The Hall Family recently moved and and are less-active members, with a couple of over-aged youth.  Well, the bishop and his wife started fellowshipping them, and just yesterday Sister Hall said that her kids want to be baptized and asked for our number!  WHOOT!  So we're hoping to meet them on Tuesday.

And we have another baptism taking place!  Destinee, a 12-year old from a less-active family, asked if she could be baptized on the 15th of March!  She's been wanting to be baptized for a while, it was always just a matter of when, because she wants her uncle to baptize her.  So it's nice to finally have a date for her.

However, Mary... isn't doing as well right now... We haven't seen her for a while, and she fell down the stairs a couple of days ago.  We're hoping that she's okay... but we saw an ashtray outside the other day when we stopped by.... I really hope we can get in soon and talk with her.  I'm really worried about her.

And back to good news!  Yesterday, we went and visited a less-active, Lucy Hansen.  She's super sweet and adorable.  The conversation was incredible!  She asked us if we had been born into the church, and so both Sister Robinson and I talked about our experience in the church and how we got out here on our missions.  Then she talked about her conversion experience a little bit, because she wants her 9 year old girl to be baptized.  Well, it turns out that she hadn't been reading the Book of Mormon since she was divorced, also about the time she fell away from the church due to the focus on Eternal Families. So, we committed her to read the Book of Mormon again, because that was a huge part of her original conversion process, and she readily agreed!  So, she's committed to read the Book of Mormon, and Malaiah, the daughter, might start taking the lessons soon!  We're going to do a test drive of the lessons by teaching her about baptism.  So!  We're really excited about the progress we made with her.  Oh!  She's so sweet and wonderful!  I love Lucy!

Anyways, pictures of last weeks baptism are be included. 

  Also, a picture of what the Elders left for us last week-- a ridiculous amount of magazines.  That was just the step to the door.  The magazines were all over our porch, led up the stairs, and spread around our deck. It was great.  (Sarcasm included.)

Anyways, I'm doing well.  I love you all, and I just love it out here.

Keep the faith everyone!

Sister Empey

More pictures
One is with Hermana Turner, my old STL, 

and the other with Sisters Robinson, Nickolaison, and Clark. 

 Still have my cheesy smile.... I need to work on that.

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