Monday, January 27, 2014

And the work continues!

Well, after last week, can I just say that I am so glad to be like..... healthy (somewhat) again?  The cold is still ever so slightly there, but it's a lot better than it was.

So, we have now officially started teaching Tasha!  She's come to church a few times, but we only just met up with her on Tuesday. (Can I tell you how excited I was to write my name on her teaching record?!  I was bouncing out of my seat as I wrote it.)  She's really nice-- her daughter, April, is a member.  She's also has taken the discussions before, but wasn't really interested for various reasons.  But when the South Slope ward helped her get furniture and a new apartment, she was touched by the kindness, and agreed to try the lessons again.  So, here we are, Sis. Robinson and I, teaching her!  We're going to take it nice and slow with her (the last set of missionaries shoved it all down her throat with no mercy apparently), so we're hoping that we can help her see how good the Gospel really is, and the love and friendship the ward has to offer... which will involve keeping her daughter active.  So!  We have lots of work just with her.  But I'm just so excited to teach her!  I feel like there's so much I can give to her.

... have I mentioned how weird I think it is that they name their wards out here?  I'm just used to numbers.

Anyways!  We also had an investigator at church.  His name is Walt.  And he's hard to get a hold of.  But we were able to this past week, and we got him to agree to come to church!  So, he was there for Sacrament meeting and Gospel Principles (you know, I never had any idea what that class was?  I hardly went to church in Salt Lake and I was put in Primary almost as soon as I moved into the 6th ward.)  But he was the only one this week.  We were really hoping that Dorian, Traiden, and Stephanie would be there, but none of them were.  And Mary still won't come because her teeth aren't ready yet.  It's so sad!  Mary is like, TOTALLY ready to be baptized and everything, we just can't get her to church!  But she wants to be baptized, and she's looking at being baptized in March, so.... hopefully next week!  She told us that next Tuesday for sure that she'll have her teeth, and that she would call us when she does.  And when she does... we're going to throw her a little mini party!  Whoot whoot!

AND..... what else.....

Oh!  The work in South Slope ward is starting to pick up.  We just had a new Ward Mission Leader called, named Brother McConkie.  Both he and his wife are awesome!  They're both so excited to get the ward involved in the work, and Sister McConkie has even come with us to a couple of our less-active visits!  It's so nice to have help from the ward-- we certainly need it!  We're working on setting up a specific night to go on splits with that ward, and also discussing a ward activity that we can invite less-actives and investigators too, and maybe get some referrals out of it too!  They're great to work with.

But sadly, we lost an investigator.  Her name was Sierra.  She is 16, and her mom was a less-active.  When we taught her the plan of salvation, she seemed really engaged, and wanted to learn more. But over the past couple of weeks, it's been hard to get a hold of he, and then on... Wednesday, I think, her mom said that Sierra didn't want to be pressured into a religion or anything like that!  It's so sad!  And so frustrating since we don't know if it was Sierra that actually said that or if it was just her mom not wanting us over there anymore... if that made sense.  Anyways, I'm really sad about that.

And... yeah!  I'm still working as hard as ever.  The work has seemed harder this week, but it makes it so much better when we have moments to celebrate.

Speaking of celebrating, the highlight of my week?  Getting pictures from my primary class!!!!!!!!  The pictures are hanging on the fridge, as shown.  

Oh, I love Jarom and Kyler.  I miss them so much!!!

Anyways, I'm doing great!  Like I said, it's harder, but it makes it that much more worth it.  I love it here; I sort of wish I could spend my whole mission out here.  I have a feeling I'll say that about every area I go to though.

Love you all, and I'll see you..... in what?  A year and 5 months?  Something like that.


Sister Empey

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