Monday, January 20, 2014

January 20, 2014


I'm sick.

My immune system finally caved Thursday night and I got a cold.  Can I just say that not being able to teach because of a stupid COLD sucks?!  I stayed home all day Saturday to recover, which seems to have helped, but.... there's still a hint of it there.

But it recovered enough to sing on Sunday!  One of the High Councilmen last Sunday asked us to sing yesterday during his talk, and it was amazing how many people were touched by it!  And before he invited us up to sing, he called us "ministering angels"... my soul practically jumped for joy, recognizing being called that before... it made me so happy; it was a reminder that I am where I need to be right now.

The work is progressing here!  Sister Valdez, a less active, came to church yesterday, and we were so excited!  And we finally got around to teaching Connie Draper, another less active, who wants to be sealed to her now dead husband.  And... who else....  While we have Dorian and Trayden (Dorians' little brother) committed to baptism, they aren't coming to church, which is SO frustrating..... they know so much, but they would understand so much MORE if they would just COME.... and Mary should have her teeth by Wednesday, which means no more smoking and coming to church!  

So... we have this... condition?.... weather condition.... here, called freezing fog, which is basically where the fog gets so cold, it freezes onto everything!  It's so pretty!  I love it!

You know, once I actually get around to emailing.... I never know what to write.  Pretty much, everyone was sick this week.  We didn't have the opportunity of visiting a lot of people this week because of that, but I'll keep chugging along, working hard, and growing closer to Christ!  Loves to y'all!

Sister Empey

PS-- This should be a short one.  I'm actually going to attach a photo!   It's of my current zone-- my companion, Sis. Robinson is right behind me.

Another picture of my MTC district. They're weird, and I love them all!

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