Monday, March 16, 2015

Monday, March 16, 2105

Well Hello my dear family and friends. :)

Well, this week.  WOW.  This week.

so, we started off with a really good Zone meeting about prayer and faith, and how we can use it to find people.  It was one of the most amazing Zone meetings I've been to yet!  It is really helping Sister Longhurst and I re-evaluate our area and see how we can improve the work that's being done here and come up with ideas of how to find people in such a vast area.  So yeah.  We're excited to see how this will help us. :)

On Wednesday, we were going to try some homes on a street called Ila Lane, and noticed a do Not contact there.  So, we called up Bishop McIntyre (whose name I have a terrible time remembering), and asked what he knew about it.  he told us that he didn't know, so of course we were going to go contact it and see why.  (Let's face it-- you can't escape the Church.  Once we meet you, you'll always be on somebody's list, and there will always be somebody brave enough to go contact you.)  Well, we knock on the door, and the wife, Jodie McAbee, answers it and lets us in!  We talk for a while, and she explains that while she's not a member, her husband is, and had been talking about starting to come back to church with his son Andrew!  We were like "AWESOME!  Can we come back to visit y'all sometime?"  And she said yes!  So, we set up an appointment to visit on Friday evening.  The rest of the story will continue in a little bit.

And Thursday was exciting-- Sister Longhurst hit her halfway point, so she got to go to the temple!  Isn't that super exciting?!  :D   SO EXCITING!!! :D  So I got to spend my day with the Sister Training Leaders, Sister Lyman and Sister Dijkwell.  It was super fun!  I have never had so much fun being in a trio. :)  We were super busy all afternoon and evening, and 9:00 PM came before I knew what happened.  And Sister Longhurst had an amazing time at the temple.  Eek!  I can't wait until I get to go back! :D

Friday was a day of food.  We started off the morning by meeting Rosie, a less-active member who wants to go to the temple, but her work schedule prohibits her from getting to church on Sundays.  Well, we saw her last week, and I had a really strong prompting to invite her to take the time to walk the temple grounds and to feel the Spirit there.  She flatly turned it down, saying that she didn't have time and that it was too far away.  Needless to say, it was a little crushing to hear after feeling so strongly to ask her to go.  Well, we met up with her this Friday at this place called "The Orchard House" for breakfast, and to read out of the temple magazine like we usually do, and guess what?!?!  SHE WENT AND WALKED AROUND THE TEMPLE GROUNDS!!!!!  Holy cow, this was HUGE progress for her!  According to Sister Longhurst, she has never kept a commitment, so to follow through with a commitment that she didn't even promise to keep is BIG.  We asked her what it was like to walk the grounds, and she told us about the peace she felt, and how she noticed how many people were coming in and out.  We answered that one day, that will be her.  One day, she will be one of the people walking in and out of the temple.  It was a very sweet and tender moment.  After that, we went home to study, then went off to lunch with Sister Lamar, who is a convert of 10 years, but is just coming out of almost 9 years of inactivity.  And she just adopted a brand-new little baby, Nora (long story, don't ask).  As we were there, we tried to answer a question of hers about the Godhead (she was really confused with that when we had dinner with her last week), but we don't really know if we were able to answer it or not.  But at least we tried!  But we're going to start going through Preach My Gospel with her, so maybe that will help her with all of her questions... hopefully.  And then that night, we had dinner with a less-active lady, Jewel Black.  it was good, but it was fast-- because we had to go visit the McAbees on Ila Street!

Talk about one of the most awkward visits I've ever had.  So, we go over, and Brother McAbee was like "yeah, I'm kind of thinking of coming back, but the rest of the family except Andrew are Jehovah's Witness and not interested and there's really nothing you can do to help us."  And we were like ".... oh."  AND THEN, he's like "Oh, excuse me, I gotta go out and help my wife out real fast."  HIS WIFE WASN'T EVEN IN THE HOUSE!!!  O_O  Missionary mode totally kicked in and we were like "AH!!!!  We're breaking rules here!!!"  But it ended up being okay-- she came into the house, we shared a scripture, and got out. 

... yeah.  We aren't sure where to go now with that.  We'll find something to do though.

And on a last note, guess what?!  WE GOT A NEW INVESTIGATOR YESTERDAY!!!! :D  Sarah Sheeter is 9, and the granddaughter of an active couple.  So her grandparents asked her mom if she could take the lessons, and her mom said yes!  So we went over Sunday, taught her the first lesson, and set a baptism date for her!  We aren't sure if she'll be able to make it, because of doctors appointments and stuff, but we're really excited. :)  Her mom agreed to let Sarah take the lessons, because she said that it wouldn't be fair to Sarah if she couldn't return to Heavenly Father because she died of her heart condition and hadn't been saved yet.  When her mom was telling us that, it was a very tender moment.  You can see how much the mom, Mandy, loves Sarah.  And Sarah is super sweet and totally prepared to have the Gospel.

Well, that's it for this week!  I love y'all, and keep the faith!


Sister Empey

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