Tuesday, March 3, 2015

March 2, 2015 - Moving On- letter

So, our week. Um..... I really don't remember a whole lot. This week started last month I think.
On Wednesday, we got to teach Amanda about the Restoration. It was pretty good, (from what I remember--I really don't remember a lot). I mostly just remember that the Spirit was really strong in the home, and that she was really receptive and was excited to watch the Restoration video later. It was good.
Then on Thursday night, for our splits night for third ward, we went tracting with the Ward missionaries (seriously--who's ward is cool enough that the members will go tracting with you?! AWESOME!!). It was a really good experience! I met a girl who has read part of the Book of Mormon and wants us to come back, and we tracted into Mariah! But that meant that I aslo ran into her anti-grandfather. That was interesting. But I solidly stood my ground, testified of truth, and encouraged him to keep building his faith. We were able to leave on decent terms. I was grateful that we could, and I hope this doesn't affect Mariah too much.
My mind is completely blank reguarding Friday.... yup.
And now Saturday. Wow.
Started off the morning with a TRANSFER CALL! Holy cow, after spending 7 1/2 months in Kuna, I finally get to move on to MARSING!!! Marsing is outside of Caldwell, just north of Nampa. And I get to be with the lovely Sister Longhurst!!! :D This will be super fun and exciting. I'm ready for some new scenery. :) But sad to leave Kuna behind. I have put a lot of work into the area, and I hope that it will continue.
Anyways, later on in the day, we all gathered around for a Mission Conference. That's right-- we had the ENTIRE MISSION together in one spot! How crazy is that?! So, Elder Neilson, Sister Marriott, and Elder L Tom Perry came and spoke to us! And we got to shake their hands! Wow, talk about the highlight of the mision! it was really neat. Elder Neilson talked about how impartant it is to commit our investigators to acting upon what we're teaching them, and how we need to teach them as individuals. Sister Marriott talked about her conversion process, and pointed out how impartant it is to ask inspired questions, to commit your investigators, and to not give up on people. And then Elder Perry talked about companionships, and how we need to be friends and have charity towards our companions in order to get the work done.
It suffices me to say that it was 2 1/2 hours of bliss and spiritual upliftment.
The rest of Saturday and Sunday were spent saying goodbye to people (plus a couple of others scattered throughout the week).
Um... yeah. That's it for the week. I'm now in Marsing, and I love it already. :) And so we go into the next 6 weeks, with new adventures in a new land with a new companion.
Love y'all! Sorry it's not really detailed this week!

Sister Empey

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