Monday, March 9, 2015

March 9, 2015 - The Land of Misfit Toys

Hello everyone!

So, Marsing!  ... which really isn't Marsing.

Aewsome story: so, we cover Marsing 2nd ward, yeah?  We cover all of that.  Marsing 2nd ward is comprised of Caldwell, Nampa, Greenleaf, Wilder, and Houston.  Ironically enough, it actually doesn't cover any part of Marsing itself.  Sister Longhurst calls it the Land of Misfit toys.  haha  I love it!

Anyways, this week has been super fun!  :)  The adventures have started!  I'm learning what it's like to live on a farm.  And in the middle of nowhere.  Totally loving it. :)

On Wednesday, we went to the Lambsons, a recently re-activated family.  Their son, Korbin, just got baptized, and they recently went to the temple to be sealed as a family!  Anyways, we went over to their home and helped her with some of the farm chores, like milking the cows and filling the silohs.  It was so much fun! :)  Afterwards, we had a lesson with Sister Lambson and Korbin about tithing and fast offering.  He was super cute. :)

Let's see.... um... who else....

Oh!  On Saturday I met two of our investigators: Kristie and Laura.  Kristie Crawford is the daughter-in-law of Sue Church, a member of the ward.  She's married to a less-active man (whom I have not had the pleasure of meeting yet), and they have the cutest little boy named Christopher, who is 2.  She's so awesome! :D  We were thinking about sharing the Restoration with her, but when we sat down to share our message, Sister Longhurst felt like we needed to talk about prayer instead, and it was exactly what Kristie needed to hear!  I'm so glad that we havethe Spirit to help us and guide us!  It helps SO much!  We can't do the work without it!  Anyways, Laura is a single lady in her... 70s, I think she said.  Anyways, super nice lady, and she loves our Relief Society President (who came with us).  She was investigating the church, but has stopped because she wants baptism without joining a church.  We decided to share a message on being able to trust in the Lord, and she really appreciated that. :)

Anyways, Sunday was really good too-- we had 3 investigators at church!  Kristie was there, as well as a lady named Nicole Hunsaker (who apparantly is GOLDEN, we're just waiting for her to set an official baptism date), and Andy (whose last name I can't remember, but he's a bee keeper.  Hmmm.... fresh honey, anyone? :D ).

... yup!  That's the going-ons of Marsing 2nd ward this week!  It's SO nice to be back to having one ward-- and we're busy enough for it too. :)

I hope y'all are doing well.... keep up whatever good you are doing, and keep building your faith!  I love all of y'all!


Sister Empey

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