Tuesday, February 3, 2015

February 2, 2015 - Great things are coming!

Well, hello. :)  I can't believe that another week has already passed!  Goodness gracious. *whew*

Um.... so..... right.  Last Monday.

The Chestnuts cancelled.  Again. :(  We're hoping that they won't cancel today.  But we went to the Higleys, and did a lesson on goal-setting.  It went really well. :)  I love being with the Higleys.  They're so much fun. :)

And it was a good thing that we did that lesson too-- because the next day we went to zone conference, and it was all about goal-setting!  WAY FOR US TO BE PREPARED!! :D  But we also learned some exciting news:

We're going to have a mission-wide conference at the end of February! :D

Wanna know why?

Elder Neilson of the Seventy is coming, Sister Marriott from the Young Women Presidency is coming....

AND ELDER L. TOM PERRY OF THE QUORUM OF THE TWELVE APOSTLES IS COMING!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D  How exciting is that?!?!  I'm so stinking excited!!!!!!  I remember when I got to shake his hand-- it was when I went to sing for General Conference, and we were waiting under the conference Center.  And Elder Perry walks by and shook all of our hands.  So for me, this is really exciting. :)  It brings back good memories.  I'm really excited. :)  I can't wait until the end of the month!  I'm definitely going to prepare myself spiritually to get the most that I can out of this. :)

Anyways, the rest of Tuesday was good too.  We Visited the Rasmussens, a less-active family of the 3rd ward (one of THREE Rasmussens we have in our are.  And none of them are related.  Awkward.).  Anyways, they're a super cool family.  They know the gospel, and they know that they need to come to church, they just simply aren't coming right now.  But they're going to let us teach them the lessons!  WHOOT!  It's super exciting. :)  They're an awesome family-- and we finally got to meet their 8-year old son, Tyler.  He's funny. :)  He has more energy then he knows what to do with it!!

Wednesday was full of fun opportunities. :)  That morning, I cut and dyed Colleens hair, Sister Lawrences' daughter.  and then that afternoon, we got to go clean up the baptismal font with Sister Taylor!  How awesome is that?!  I never really thought about cleaning out the font, but it totally makes sense.  Anyways, that was super fun and a neat experience.  That night, we went over to Karysma's house, and the cake-off didn't really happen, since only Sister Gray made a cake, but we had fun eating the cake. :)  After that, we went over to Glenda Prices home.  Like I said last week, we were going to start the 12-step program with her, and we're each going to give up something.  So, Sister Gray is giving up coke.  And what am I giving up?.... hair product.  Yup.  The only thing I can use in my hair is shampoo.  What am I thinking?  I don't really know.  I'm on day 5 of no product, and I'm sort of going crazy.  But anyways, Sister Price is very appreciative of the fact that we're willing to do this with her, and I know that going though this will bless her life.  After Sister Price, we were able to go visit  the Schwabs, and set up an appointment to continue the lessons with them. :)  YAY!

On Thursday, after Weekly Planning, we went to the Klemmons, another less-active family in 3rd ward.  They're fun to be around. :)  We invited them to come to church (again), and they committed to come (again).  They didn't come (again).  But that's okay-- we're going to visit them every Thursday now, so they can't escape us now. >:)  sister Klemmon was talking about how exciting she was because James wants to advance in the priesthood.... and when I turned and asked him he was kind of like "eh..... it's sort of my grandma's idea..." haha.  That kid cracks me up.  Good, good kid with a big heart. :)  We also saw the Pfieffers on Thursday.  They're doing good.  No where near taking lessons yet, but they're doing good.

Mmm..... Friday....... is it bad that I can't really remember Friday?  Um....  we had breakfast with the stake president and the other missionaries in the district.  then we had a lesson with the Hellyers.  What started as a discussion on the Priesthood turned into a discussion of coffee.  Ugh.  I really wish that Brother Hellyer would realize that there are other ways to help his health problems than coffee.  No matter what we say, even when we say that we aren't judging him for drinking coffee, he doesn't listen.

... yup.  I don't remember anything else about Friday.  I have stuff highlighted, but I don't remember what happened.

Um.... Saturday.... We saw the Taylors.  Had a good visit with them.  And came home.  Sister Gray had hurt her back.  So we just went out for our one appointment.

And Sunday.  Oh!  SUNDAY!!!  The Schwabs came to church!!!!  But even better!!!!!  We got to teach them Lesson 2 that night!   (Yeah, we got inside a house on Super Bowl night.  MIRACLE!!!)  The lesson went really well-- both Brother Schwab and Zach understood the lesson and really enjoyed it!  They both asked great questions too.  Brother Schwab said that for the first time since he originally took the lessons he understood how the Kingdoms of Glory works. :)  We're hoping that we can invite Zach to be baptized next week. :)  SUPER EXCITING!!!!!!

Anyways, that's it for now.  This week was good, and like I said, there's more good stuff to come. :)

I love y'all!  Keep up your faith! :)


Sister Empey

Remembering good times with Sister Stevens... :)

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