Monday, February 9, 2015

Feb 9, 2015 - ET no longer means Extra-Terrestrial

So.... this week has been...... exciting, to say the least.

We had exchanges on Tuesday, so I stayed here with Sister Dunkle.  It was fun-- we both have a lot of similar interests, so it was kind of just relaxed.  I didn't feel like I needed to show her what an amazing and top-notch area we have or anything like that.  

We taught the Rasmussens on Tuesday.  It went well.  Both Brother Rasmussen and Tyler committed to reading from the Book of Mormon and praying about it!  That was super exciting. :)

Anyways, so at the end of that night we exchanged back and I got my wonderful Sister Gray back.

.... that didn't last very long.

Wednesday morning, we're getting ready to go to District Meeting when we get a call.  This is how it went:

Me:  This is Sister Empey speaking.
PC: Hello Sister Empey!  This is President Cannon.
(at this point my eyes grew really big)
Me: Hello President Cannon, how are you?
PC: Good!  Look, I actually have a favor to ask you, a special assignment actually, but, can I call you back?  I have to take this call real fast...
Me: Of course!  Of course you can take your call.
PC: That's great, thank you!

And then we hung up.

Sister Gray started laughing, saying that my "assignment" was that I was going to become a Sister Training Leader, and I was simply just dying inside.  what in the world did President Cannon want with me?!

So, he calls back, and asks if I would be okay with an emergency transfer.

Sister Gray looked like she was about ready to cry. 

So we asked for more information.  There had been some conflict up in Fruitland, and so they were wondering if Sister Gray would go up to Fruitland while Sister Paxton would come down to Kuna and stay with me.  As soon as we heard Sister Paxtons name, we knew it would happen.  Sister Gray had trained her, and we had been in the same district in Emmett.

And so it happened.  President picked us up at 3, we went to Fruitland, switched companions, and I came home with Sister Paxton.

Turns out she has family in the ward. :)

We unloaded her stuff from the car and headed straight to dinner with the Merideths.  When we got there, Rachel, the youngest, let us in, and we went to set our stuff down in the living room.  Sister Merideth walked in, and then in shock, said, "Laura!... I mean, Sister Paxton!"  Turns out that Sister Merideth's sister had married one of Sister Paxton's uncle, so they're distantly related. :)  It was a tender mercy for Sister Paxton.

Anyways, the rest of the week was a blur.  I don't even think Thursday and Friday happened, I was sick Saturday (cough, nosebleeds, and all), and gave a talk on Sunday about Humility.

How's that for a week?  Pretty crazy, yeah? :)

I love you, and don't forget that no matter what you go through, you're going through it because the Lord knows it's good for you! :D


Sister Empey

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