Tuesday, February 17, 2015

February 16, 2015 - I think I'm in the swing of this missionary stuff...

I.... I don't even know what to say about this week.  It's been busy-- I can tell you that much!  But I can't remember what happened, so... this might seem scarce.  Sorry.

Um..... on Tuesday we saw Kristy Boswell for the first time since October!!!  Crazy, right?  She's been going through some training for the prisons.  Talk about some intense stuff.  It was good to see her again, and she wants us to stop by again!  I'm glad she likes us coming over. :)

On Wednesday, after District Meeting, we went down to Main street to this little thrift shop called Grandpa's Attic to see if we could find a CTR ring for Glenda Price, and we ended up having a really great conversation with the owner, Sheryl, and her friend, Cami!  And after talking to them, Cami asked if we could go visit her sister, or send some missionaries out there to visit her!  She then jokingly said that maybe even she would change her religious beliefs!  We ate that up like candy, so we gave her one of our pass-along cards, and wrote down her information.  Sadly, her home is out of our area, but it was in the other Sisters area, so we have them the information.  I love how we work together to further the Lords work!

And then that night, we went to Karysma's home.  Talk about a crazy house!  When we got there, their three dogs were going NUTS.  It turns out that they had found two dogs, and they were keeping them in the backyard until they could find the owners.  It was a circus trying to switch the dogs out so that their dogs had a chance to go outside!  It was great. :)  Anyways, we went over the first lesson with Karysma, and it went well. :)  She remembered a little bit, but not a lot, so I'm glad we got to teach it again.

Thursday, we were able to see Glenda Price and give her the CTR ring we found at Grandpa's Attic.  She almost started crying she was so happy to have one!  She's so sweet.... I'm going to miss her when I leave Kuna.... (let's face reality, one day I'll leave Kuna.)

We got to see Carol Anne on Friday.  We taught her about going to church, praying, and reading the scriptures.  But sadly, she hasn't listened to the CDs we got her yet.  But she's apparently getting internet, so she'll be able to download the Gospel library on her tablet!  YAY!  Now if only we could help her progress....

And Saturday, we saw the Taylors of course.  They're doing awesome, like they normally are doing.  But he didn't come to church this week. :(  Oh well, there's always next week.

We had a busy Sunday.... we started with Ward council for third ward, attended 3rd wards Sacrament Meeting, left early to make it to the Assisted Living home in time for their sacrament meeting to give talks, went back to the church for 10th wards sacrament meeting, taught the 17-year old youth class about how to teach the Plan of Salvation (which, by the way, was THE quietest youth class I have ever been in), and then knocked on doors all night.  Didn't really get in to visit anyone, except dinner.  And that's okay-- we tried. :)

And that's it for this week!  I love y'all and keep the faith!


Sister Empey

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