Tuesday, January 6, 2015

January 5, 2015 - A New Year

This is what I did all week:

The dragon puzzle was bought at a thrift store, so it was missing 13 pieces.  I was upset.  The Star Wars one was quite a bit easier.  It was 900 pieces less than the stupid dragon.

In case you haven't guessed yet, I was sick.  All stinking week long.  Have I ever mentioned how much I hate being sick?  Being cooped up in a house with nothing to do?  When you can't even pull your mind together to study for an hour?  As a result, I worked on the dragon puzzle Sister Stevens had bought several weeks ago and started.  By started I mean the outline pieces were separated out, with a small bit of them having been put together.  So it was almost like starting from scratch.

Anyways, here's how my week went, because I'm stubborn and will still go out as much as I can, even when I am sick.

Tuesday.  Tuesday was the day I finally caved and went to see the doctor for the cold I've been fighting for nearly 2 months.  And it was all downhill from there.  I simply stopped fighting the cold and am just letting it run it's course.  For the most part.  The doctor gave me some antibiotics, and ordered me to stay in bed and drink plenty of fluid.  So Tuesday I stayed home while Sister Stevens went out and taught some lessons.

The only thing I made it to on Wednesday was District Meeting.  Which was nice.  Other than that, home all night, drinking Martinellis.

Thursday I was home all day, and went to the Griggs house for dinner.  Then I went home and got right back into my pajamas.

I was feeling better on Friday.  So, we got to go to dinner AND 2 appointments!  YAY!  we visited the Hellyers and taught them the Word of Wisdom.  Surprisingly enough, Brother Hellyer didn't spend the entire time talking about how he needs to drink coffee for medical reasons, like he normally does in the other lessons.  It was a very nice, calm lesson.  We then invited them both to receive blessings of health, and they both agreed!  We also saw Karisma that night, and we're almost finished with lesson 5.  And guess what?!  SHE'S GONNA BE BAPTIZED NEXT SATURDAY!!!!!!  WHOOT!!!!!!!!  I'm so stinking excited for her!  It's been a long process, but she's almost there. :)  I can't believe that it's so close. :)  I'm so excited for her!!!!!

Anyways, Saturday we went to the Taylors and talked about missionary work and service, and emphasized how participating in missionary work and in service is an opportunity to serve for the Lord.  It was a really nice lesson where they both opened up about the ways they've served and about their missionary experiences.  It's neat how neither of them have served a mission, but they both have been involved in missionary work. :)  I love it!  It really does go to show that missionary work can be done by EVERYONE!!!!!!  Needless to say, awesome lesson, as always.  When is it NOT an awesome lesson with the Taylors?  Let's be honest.

And oh my goodness, SUNDAY.  Possibly the best day of my mission EVER.

So, I'm shaking hands with people at the chapel doors, like I do every week.  And Sister Taylor walks up to me ask asks if we have extra room on our bench because Brother Taylor is planning to come to church!  Of course, I'm screaming inside, thinking "Pft!  HECK YEAH WE CAN MAKE ROOM FOR Y'ALL!!!!!"  But, outside, I gave a much more polite "Well, of course we can do that."  And come he did!  He came in during the middle of the opening hymn!  YAY!

Sacrament meeting was great.  There were several amazing testimonies about the beauty of silence in testimony meeting, the joy we can have of having our children at church with is, and the simplicity of the gospel.  The spirit was very sweet and very strong.  But that wasn't even the best part.

At the end of Sacrament meeting, we were talking to Brother Taylor.  And he thanked us.  He thanked us for coming to their home, for us serving them and teaching them the discussions and bringing the Spirit into their home.  He thanked us for caring so much about him, and trying to help him out.  It was really a nice, special moment for both of us.  It was one of those moments that makes your mission worth it.

Then at the end of the night, we went to go visit the Martin girls, and they're going to try to ask their mom to be baptized again before Sister Stevens leaves!  How sweet is that?  I really hope that their mom will say "yes", if not now, then in the future.

Anyways, that's it for now.  I love y'all, and be safe in the winter weather!


Sister Empey

Reason #174 of how you know you're on a mission: You'll buy a box of cereal because the name of it is a scripture reference.  

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