Tuesday, January 13, 2015

January 12. 2015

Ummm.....  hey! :)

So, Monday night.  We taught the Chestnuts the Ten Commandments, with the hand signals.  The kids were cute and funny about them!  They're a great family, we're just hoping we can convince them that their animals will be okay for one hour if they come to Sacrament meeting.  (They have a little goat farm on the outskirts of Kuna.  We want to go out there someday. :) )

If I can be honest, I don't even remember Tuesday that well.  We had our last lesson with Karysma (yay!), and we went to Meet the Mormons.  One of our ward missionaries brought a potential investigator!  His name is Garrett, and we're hopefully going to teach him the first lesson tthis coming Thursday.

And on Wednesday, um.... yeah.  I dunno, I was just kind of having a hard day because I've been sick, so my energy levels aren't up to par, and I was feeling like a slacker, even though I couldn't really go out a ton.  And then, after dinner, the most miraculous text EVER:  Sister Taylor asked us to come over to their house for CHOCOLATE CAKE!!!!!!   Oh my goodness, talk about a LIFESAVER.  I totally needed a pick-me-up.  So we went over and had chocolate cake with the Taylors.  It was great. :)  We just sat and talked about nerdy stuff and church and what-not.  :)  I love the Taylors.  They're awesome. :)

And on Thursday, Karysma had her baptism interview!  So, her baptism has been moved to this Saturday, the 17, because that's when her uncle can come down, but we're so excited for it! :D  And she passed her interview.  Because we're awesome teachers.  Just kidding.  I have loved teaching Karysma.  It's been a great experience watching the Spirit work with her and help her develop a testimony of her own. :)  I'm so proud of her! :D

On Friday, we went to visit the Hellyers, and their daughter, Sally, was out!  So, we didn't give a lesson, but we had a nice discussion about prayer and charity.  And I sang for them.  Because that's what I do for them.  And Sally said that I sounded like an angel. :)  That was super sweet of her. :)

And then Friday evening we ate with the Marsalas.  We had a great discussion of how the Lord will use who we are to further his work, no matter what kind of personality we have.  The spirit was really great there.  I love the Marsalas, they are some awesomely solid recent converts. :)  (And hopefully Sister Marsala will have her baby this week!  Little Carlee is on her way!)

Um.... Saturday.  Right.  Ummm.... we just spent most of our time at the Assisted Living Center, since we haven't been able to go for a couple of weeks.  I love all the little old people to visit there. :)  They're all just so sweet.

On Sunday, 10th ward was eventful. :)  We got a new Relief Society President, and guess who it is?  SISTER JEPSEN!!!!!  I'm super excited for her.  She'll be great. :)  I LOVE working with Sister Jepsen.  And then later on, we taught the Laurels about the Godhead.  it was a really good lesson.  We spent the time talking about how we need to develop a relationship with all three members: Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost.  It was a very sweet discussion with a very strong spirit.  I believe all the girls gained something from the lesson. :)

And to round out our day, we went and visited the Martin Girls.  :)  They're so CUTE!!!  No news about being able to be Baptized yet, but we're hoping soon. :)

Anyways, that's all for this week folks!  ONE MORE WEEK WITH SISTER STEVENS THEN SHE'S BEING SHIPPED OFF BACK TO TEXAS!!!!!!  Oh my goodness, the last 18 weeks have been fantastic. :)  I'm gonna miss her. :')  But my next companion will be just as awesome as she is.  Actually, probably not.  But I'm going to keep telling myself that.

I love y'all!  Keep your faith up!


Sister Empey

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