Monday, November 3, 2014

November 3, 2104 - Conversion Stories!

I think it's official: my favorite meal I have been fed on my mission is Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup.  What can I say?  Simple Minds, Simple Pleasures.

yeah.  So, on Monday night we ate with the Pitts.  And that's what we had for dinner.  It was AWESOME!!!!  Sometimes it's super nice to have something so nice and simple to eat for dinner. :)  We've actually have had a lot of soup this week.  It's been super nice, since the weather is changing. (talk about gross.  I really dislike snow.  And cold.  And winter.  With a very strong passion.)  Anyways, it's been nice to have a lot of soups and stews.  :)  I love soups.  That is a good thing about winter-- is all the nice, warm, soups.  Love it. :)

Anyways, on Monday, we went to the Chestnuts, a less-active family that we're going to teach the lessons to.  So we taught them Lesson 1 last week, and it went great!  The kids are all willing to read the Book of Mormon too, so I can't wait to see how that goes. :)

We had a special "Meet the Mormons" presentation on Tuesday night.  (No, not the movie.)  So, every other Tuesday, the stake puts on a little presentation for the members to invite people to, that just gives some basics about the church, and this last Tuesday was one specially designed for the Youth.  This is the first time I've seen the chapel not just full, but they opened the overflow too!  Usually, the chapel isn't even half full, and it's mostly just members of the ward there that is hosting that night.  It was so great to see the youth take charge and invite their friends and take this seriously. :)  It was great. :)  The Spirit there was great too. :)

And we've continued to teach Karisma, which means that we're on track to have her baptized in November!  We taught her the Gospel of Jesus Christ this week.  We're really excited for her.  But in order to teach her everything we have to start teaching her twice a week now, or push back the baptism date.  We'll have to see. *shrug*  We'll figure it out.

We had to be in by 6 on Halloween night.  And since we wouldn't have anything to do, we asked the Zone Leaders if we could go to the store that morning and buy pumpkins.  And we told them we would carve their face into the pumpkins.  So they agreed.  And we carved their faces in the pumpkins.  But we have no pictures of said pumpkins.  So y'all will just have to be left to wonder. >:)

And we're still teaching the Taylors.  They're so awesome!!!!  We talked about obedience and following the prophet, and ended up having a really good discussion on following the promptings of the Spirit and about forgiving oneself.  He really is an amazing person with such a strong spirit about him.  (And Sister Taylor is great too.  She fills in with some great thoughts herself.)  Anyways, it was great.  As always.  And this lesson was a little cooler than usual..... he pulled out his Jedi robes and lightsabers and we got to play with them. Yeah, we became Jedi Knights for a couple of minutes.  BEST.  DAY.  EVER!!!!!  :D (we're talking in the non-spiritual sense here.)  The geek inside of me is super happy. :D  I really think this is one of the reasons that we are teaching Chris right now, is because both Sister Stevens and I can form a really good connection with him.  I just love seeing the Lords timing on things, and teaching Chris Taylor is one of those times I can see it. :)

(pictures of said event will be coming... eventually.  Courtesy of Sister Taylor.)

We also went to see Sister Meyers, a less-active, in 3rd ward on Saturday, and her completely inactive son was home!  So we got to know him a little bit too.  He was kicked out of school a couple of years ago, so he went into the construction industry, and basically knows how to put together an entire house.  He was fun to listen to.  Anyways, Sister Stevens shared a scripture from Alma, about how Alma helped out Amulek in his times of need, and I tied that to Michael (the son), and Sister Meyers, since Michael is working hard to help his mom pay her bills.  It was a really neat moment, to see Michael realize that he's being blessed because he's helping out his mom.  Just, one of those tender moments that helped me remember why I'm out here.

And then we had Stake Conference, which was amazing!

The Saturday Evening session was all about Nick and Stephanie Marsala, and their conversion story.  It was really neat to hear the whole story.  And as we sat there, I realized that I had never asked Brother Marsala about his conversion story!  It was really neat.  He talked about how when he was 10, he walked out of the Christian school that he was attending because he didn't agree with the doctrine they were teaching.  How great of an example is that?  That a 10-year old could stand up of his beliefs and opinions like that?  And Nick hasn't changed a bit.  Even though he's a fairly new convert of 3 months, he is SOLID.  And the same goes to Stephanie.  She wanted to find a religion where God seemed believable and real, because that was a struggle for her as she was growing up.  And then Brother Jepson talked about being their friend and fellowshipper.  (Seriously, I have never seen better fellowshipping in my life.  Nick and Bro. Jepsen are like, the coolest duo ever.  They're like, the closest thing we have to a Mormon Mafia.)  And then President Francis had all three of them come to the stand, and had a open discussion with the entire congregation about what it takes to bring people into the church, and the answer was the same: love, friendship, service.  It doesn't take grandiose actions to bring people to the church.  It's all simple, everyday things.  It was an incredible meeting.

Sunday morning was good too.  It was all about how faith can carry you through all of your trials.  Or at least that's what I got out of it.  Other than that, nothing really noteworthy from that session.  But it was still good.

And to round out our week, we visited James Klemmons again.  He's going to be gone next week, because he's going to Thailand to visit his father, who's in the military.  But it was nice to visit him.  He totally cracks us up!  We're going to visit him one more time before he leaves, and we committed him to read about the Stripling Warriors.  I hope he does. :)  That would be awesome. :)

Anyways, that's all for this week.  :)  I hope that y'all are doing good!  Y'all are the best!  Keep the faith! :D


Sister Empey

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