Monday, August 11, 2014

August 11, 2014 - SHOTGUNNING!!!!

Ohmigoodness, I LOVE Kuna!!!!  It seriously could possibly become my favorite area.

So, Sister Ketring and I are Shotgunning the area-- they took the two previous sisters out, and put the two of us in at the same time.  So we're both new to the area, and there's been a lot of exploring this week. :)

So, the first person we met was Sister Jepson, who is basically our unofficial WML.  She came over because she called us to see if our dinner schedule was filled out, and... we had no one for the week.  Completely blank.  so, she came to pick up the schedule, and invited us for dinner the next night.  Which was a good thing, because her husband is the first counselor in the Bishopric.  And as we were talking, he asked if we would be willing to talk, and both of us were like "YES!"

He was in shock.  He was surprised by how willing we were to talk in Sacrament meeting.

So we talked this week.  So, yesterday.  My talk was based off of Sister Burton's talk in the Conference Ensign-- "Help Wanted: Helping Hands and a Willing Heart", or something like that.  It turned out really good. :)  I think the congregation felt the spirit between Sister Ketring and I speaking, since both ideas were around the idea of being a Disciple of Christ.

So, with a brand-new area and an unmarked Ward Directory from January, we were off to meet the people of the ward!

Anyways, most of this week was just meeting people.  There's Sister Scott, a recent convert, who gave us a skirt for free (she sells skirts and dresses out of her home.);  Mr. Easley, who lived in a former members home and think could be a potential investigator; Cadhen Renyolds, an investigator who we need moms permission to baptize and not getting it; and the other Renyolds, who were apparently a "tread lightly", and they invited us over for dinner for this Friday!

Needless to say, it's been a busy week. :)  I love it out here.  And there's also a snocone shack in our area that gives us free snocones.  Yeah, life can't get much better right now. :)

Anyways, no pictures this week-- I can't find my SD card.  But hopefully I can send some home next week!

I'm sorry that this email is sort of short-- hopefully, as we develop relationships, my emails will have better detail.

I love you all, and hope everything is going well for you!  Keep the faith strong!


     Sister Empey

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