Tuesday, May 6, 2014

May 4, 2104 ... can't think of anything clever for a subject.

Wow.  It's been a long week.

So!  The week started off with an all-day Sisters Conference on Tuesday.  It was really good; just a solid reminder that working together with your companion in obedience and with the Spirit is what will help make your mission the success it should be.  Both Sister Anderson and I  felt the need to really work on cleaning up our area book after the conference as well.  So, we've been doing that throughout random intervals of the week.  But yeah, Sisters Conference was good.  Tiring, but good.  (It was from 9-4.  That's a long day!)

Anyways, we didn't get to meet with the Babbs this week (they thought we were going to meet every other Thursday), but we did meet with the Puccios!  The lesson went pretty good.  We really felt the Spirit in the room with us, testifying with us.  However, strangely enough, it was Grandma Puccio who was really agreeing with us.  she was nodding, and kept saying things about how true it was, the things we were teaching.  She still is a little uncertain on if Joseph Smith really saw Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, but she said that she was willing to pray about it!  (Which, we really weren't expecting her to be so willing.  We were expecting her to be the more resistant of the two, actually.)  Grandpa Puccio... it was almost as if he wasn't interested.  He just kept flipping through his bibles, and didn't really participate in the discussion.  It was a little disheartening to see him so..... uninterested.  Especially when we've had such interesting discussions with him before.  But!  We will still continue to teach them, because they are really, truly, amazing people.  And they would be amazing members of the church.

We also started teaching this lady named Genevieve in Serenity.  She's this really sweet 95 year-old lady that goes to the LDS service they hold at Serenity since she can't go to her own church and partake of their sacrament.  we originally had started seeing her in February, when we just went over to answer some basic questions and give her a Book of Mormon, and have occasionally stopped by since just to see how she was doing.  Well, she had been reading the Book of Mormon with another man in Serenity, and she one day told him that she was about ready to give up, because she was having such a hard time understanding what was going on.  Well, he said that it might help her if we started coming over to give the lessons, and she agreed to have us come over to teach her! (granted, as long as we still do some random pop-bys.)  So, we taught her the first lesson, along with a little bit about the opportunity she could have of being sealed to her husband.  The spirit was really strong there, and at one point, she made the comment of "why weren't you here 40 years ago?".  It was a really sweet spirit, and I know that the Lord is preparing her now to accept this Gospel, whether it is in this life, or in the next life that she will be able to become a baptized member of the church.  Anyways, I really love her.  She's just so sweet and kind, and ready to learn.  She has always asked us really good questions, and it's been neat to see our visits grow into full discussions.

Also, we were finally able to get in to see Stephanie again!!! Oh, I was SO happy!!!  I really didn't want to drop her; she has such a sweet spirit, and I didn't want her to be forgotten by future missionaries.  Anyways, because we taught her all of the discussions, we just told her the story of Queen Esther, and asked if she still wants us to come visit her.  It was a solid "yes"!  Not a beat missed!  I really hope that one day her mom will be okay with her being baptized.

And..... oh!  Maleigha Hansen was baptized this week!  We know that she doesn't quite count as a convert baptism, but, ya'know, we taught her and her family the lessons, so it's still a big deal to us.  It's been really neat to see the Hansens start coming back to activity, and hope to continue to see it doing so.

Isn't she just ADORABLE?!?!?!?! :D .... just sayin'.

Anyways, there's not much else going on.  It's been a slower week, since every one is now outside with the nice weather.... but it's still been good.

Love y'all, as always, and keep up the good work you're doing, whatever you're doing!  I'm still loving it out here!  


Sister Empey

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