Tuesday, May 13, 2014

May 12, 2014...Another six weeks have passed....

And another wonderful six weeks with Sister Anderson will ensue!

Yup, I survived another transfer call.  And I'm still here in beautiful Emmett.  With the amazing Sister Anderson.  I'm pretty happy. :)

This week.... was pretty uneventful.  Besides Mother's Day.  It was nice to be able to talk to the parents!  And to see Jake. :)  That was REALLY nice. :)  It was nice to see mommy too. :)  And to talk to dad. :)  Sunday was just a good day in general.

Other than that..... it was sort of just your typical, average, missionary week.  A little slow due to good weather, but still busy.

We taught the Babbs this week, the first lesson.  And it was pretty good.  William asks really good questions and really seems to want to know more.  And it's so good that we have Sister Grover coming to lessons with us.  She helps explain things in a way he might understand better.

Other than that.... yeah, nothing really new.  Sorry, this letter is really short today.  I think it's because I got to call home yesterday.  And not a lot happened.  Oh well.

Love you all, and hope y'all are doing well!


Sister Empey

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