Tuesday, October 14, 2014

October 13, 2014 - SUCCESS!!!!

WOW.  This week has been AWESOME!!!

So, to start off the week, we met with Kristy Boswell again!  She hasn't read the Book of Mormon, but we got to know her background a little better.  It turns out that her father is a completely inactive member of the church, but her grandma is really active.  Her mom is Catholic though.  So she's grown up around religion all her life.  We also talked about hell, and about the Kingdoms of Glory, which the Elders taught, but she was having a hard time understanding.  I think we helped clear that up a bit.  I hope so.

We then went to do service for the Blanchards, a less active family.  After that, we were riding back through the neighborhood, and Sister Stevens bike slid out from underneath her!  The poor girl had a goose egg on her foot, and it was super swollen.  But thankfully, that was the only injury she got.  It was kind of funny to watch all the Elders that night give her advice about her foot though at the "Meet the Mormons" program.  She was all like, "I'm not a football player!  I'm just a Sister!  I'm not sticking my foot in a bucket of ice!"

The Pitts are still doing great.  Still on track to get baptized come January when David turns 8.

And we were able to have a lesson with Karisma Woods Wednesday night.  We taught her the first lesson, and we committed her to a baptismal date!  We're aiming for November 22, and as long as she comes to church.  But she didn't come this Sunday. :(

We also talked about Joseph Smith a little more with Jacob and Evan Stinchcomb on Thursday.  The Spirit was actually really strong, and again, both boys were very involved.  Sadly, their mom won't let them come to church, but they still want us to come over.  I just applaud the dad for even being willing to ask his wife if they could go! :)  And who knows, maybe one day she will let them. :)  Until then, we're excited to teach them about the Plan of Salvation next Thursday.

We also taught some Jehovah Witnesses. :P  It was a great experience actually.  They were tracting out the neighborhood we live in, so we answered the door when they got to us.  They talked about the Kingdom of God, and after respectfully listening to their beliefs and taking their Watchtower, we asked if we could give them one of our pamphlets about the Kingdom of God, and Denise, the wife of the due, agreed!  So, we gave them a Plan of Salvation pamphlet, talked about how neat it will be to return to Heavenly Father again, and let them go for the day.  It was pretty awesome. :)

We also finally met this family named the Pfiffers on Saturday!  They're potential investigators.  Susan Pfiffer adopted Shanna about 6 years ago, who is a sweet but challenged 14-year old.  You can see that both of them are lacking happiness, and are searching for more, and I know that the Gospel can bring it to them. :)

And what's more?!  The Pfiffers came to church yesterday!  EEK!!!  That's so awesome!  Susan felt a little bad for being the only woman wearing pants, but we reassured her that it was okay-- what mattered was that she was at church, and that she would be spiritually fed.  Sister Stevens and I switched off with each other-- I went to Sunday school with Shanna (who was really bored, but made it through :) ), and then I went to Relief Society with Susan.  It was a really neat and unique experience as I sat in Relief Society and explained to Susan about all of the different things we were talking about.  And it seemed like, in the end, both of them had a good experience. :)  I can't wait to see them next Saturday!

Well, that's all for now folks! :D  I love you, and keep your faith strong!


Sister Empey

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