Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Sister Empey Enters the MTC

Today, December 18, 2013 Hannah entered the MTC and put on the name badge that she will wear for the next 18 months.  It was a wonderful day. She was so excited.  

About an hour before leaving for the MTC she came over to our house and Ty gave her a fathers blessing.  It was a special time!

It was a beautiful blessing.  After hearing the words from the Lord for Hannah we all knew she was going to have some amazing experiences as a missionary for our Savior.

We then hopped in the car and the whole gang (Sister Empey, Ty, Nancy, Kate, Jake, Paula and Karen) headed to the MTC.

The car was full in fact that our missionary...Sister Empey and Kate had to sit in the very back.  It was kind of funny to pull up to the MTC with Hannah in the back.  It was even funnier to watch us all pile out of the car!!

Hannah was so excited to go...and ready!  We took a few pictures and you could see her almost coming out of her shoes she was so excited.

After pictures we all hugged her.  Some longer than others.  I even saw a little tear in Dad's eye.  His little girl is so grown up and off to serve our Savior.

Jake is going to miss you Hannah!!!

So is Dad!

and then we watched our missionary take her suitcase and walk off to serve the Lord. 

We Love You Sister Empey!

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